How to deal with the body with paint points, a good way to remove paint flying car

in the end how to deal with the body with paint point, I believe that thIs problem has plagued many owners, though with the washing liquid has been cleaned, the paint on the fly thIs phenomenon Will not help. So, to answer all the doubts, here we are concerned that flying Car paint a good way to remove it.

Cars flying paint removal a good way to

Is not completely dry solids of flying paint

for non completely dried paint fly, we can go with the sludge removal. First, washing with water or the liquid to be attached to a vehicle body paint overspray washed again, and then washing with warm water through the mud, while spray paint overspray while gently wipe position. But efforts do not wipe too hard to avoid small particles on the surface wear to the paint. Then, after the paint Will fly until fully processed clean, you can stop the operation.

has been completely dried the paint overspray

However, for complete dryness of flying paint, there Will be no deal with the above mentioned so simple. First sand paint surface, clean dirt, then polIshed with No. 2000 sandpaper polIshed off paint overspray. Of course, when sanding should be controlled as much as possible right intensity, observed flying paint at the same time have to resize efforts, to avoid damage to the original paint. Then, after flying paint to clear up, we also need to be polIshed to restore the original luster paint, if conditions allow, then you can also do a full Car paint maintenance.