How to deal with car scratch? Do not rush to the repair shop, the old master to teach you five dollars three coup

Car scratch how to deal with? Do not rush to the repair shop, the old master to teach you five dollars three coup

and now more and more Cars on the road, the Car paint Is rub Is often the case . Encountered the Car Is scratched, dIstressed in addition to many owners, it Is to go to the repair shop painting. There may be a lot of friends who have Cars on the Car was cut rub most things very upset, because it Is easy to let the Car less a piece of paint. How can one not beautiful, particularly affecting the mood! Today we’ll take you to see how the problem of body scratches should solve it? Today to teach you the recipe.

First of all, you need the Car clean, otherwIse it Is impossible to Carry out repair work. Of course there Is a reason, only the Car clean, in order to help color. Therefore, when we encounter such a situation, do not worry, be patient the Car wash, then dry, and then continue its efforts to repair the Car.

The first one, toothpaste repair method. Wash with water and dry scratch, then slightly wet towel, and the coated toothpaste towel, wipe hard scratches. Substantially as long as a little wiping, scraper shallow scratches and some residual traces of paint Will be rubbed away immediately. But deep scratches, paint Will not see a great deal.

The second measure, Balm repair method. Called Fengyoujing panacea. Perhaps I have not tried, after reading thIs article, you can give it a try. Moreover, Fengyoujing thIs kind of thing Is much cheaper than toothpaste. I do not underestimate it, a small bottle, but the effect Is not small oh. Similarly, with the toothpaste, with a rag dipped in a little, then graze in the scratched area, time Is short, quick! But only dealing with some serious small scratch, scratch music to no avail.

The third measure, scratches up painting repair method. ThIs method Is more common, many owners Will go online to buy, cheap. The Car as long as there have been some minor scratches, it Will affect the body beautiful, in fact, you can own up painting fix some minor scratches, easy to operate, and the original paint looks very high similarity, after the repair, do not worry affect the bodyBeautiful, and their home Will be able to operate.

of the above three methods for the scratch Is shallow, not a drain primer. If you have very severe scratches, it Is clear that thIs can not be repaired in several ways, and that you do not try to fix yourself, the best professional repair shop to be repaired just fine. Which method you paint repair know it? Welcome to speak freely in the comments.