How to clean car seats? Seats of different materials have different cleaning methods, the owners pay attention

For the Car seat Is the highest frequency of use in the interior member. Because Car seats in constant contact with people, so easy to be dirty. Ordinary Car owners to drive to the store regularly cleaned. However, many Car owners often overlook the seat clean. Today, let’s talk about a different method of cleaning materials seat.

1, knitted velvets seat

In fact, knitted velvet seat chair Is very common. Generally speaking, we can choose to use the vacuum cleaner to suck dust from the seat surface. If we are not Careful dirty, we can choose to wash with soap and water. There are also special cleaners on the market. Do not forget to dry or dry clean, otherwIse they are vulnerable to damp and moldy.

2, leather seats

leather seats are generally the easiest to clean, cleaning can be directly foam cleaning agents, we can directly clean with a dry cloth. In general, leather seats permeability Is not very good, so do not worry about the inside of the seat damp moldy.

3, leather seat

leather seats and leather seats difference Is that the dermIs need maintenance. So, if we are not Careful to use a strong irritant detergents, it Is easy to damage the leather seats. In general, it Is recommended not to use detergent to clean, but with soap and water. It Is very cheap, it Will not damage the leather. First with soapy water, then wipe with a clean towel.

In addition, suggestions for mounting a seat cloth seat cover, because once soiled cloth seat, even in the Car through a professional beauty shop cleaning, it Is difficult to completely clean the seat, thus placing the seat cushion or seat cover mounting the most convenient way to protect the seat.