How to choose two security cars, 4S shop or repair shop? Pay attention to what?

owners know the first insurance 4S shop, free of charge, but the Car Paul II want to go to 4S store it? Some older drivers consider maintenance costs high 4S shop, general maintenance to store it. Shimo Qi engine maintenance do not agree, Automotive Paul II Is generally about 10,000 kilometers performed, and general Automotive warranty period Is three years or one hundred thousand kilometers. For vehicles without a warranty period, Shimo Qi strongly recommended keeping a Car 4s shop maintenance.

Although the state has not specified 4s shop maintenance, you can still enjoy the warranty. But if the Car Is really a problem, it Is estimated the cost of your own burden of proof than maintenance to a lot of money saved up. In fact, pay attention to some details of the project, 4s shop costs to be much higher than outside, but the money you can buy insurance when it! If the Car Is really what the problem Is, I am afraid that thIs money Is not enough to add teeth.

Therefore, 4s shops although expensive, but oil and other items quality use Is guaranteed, have been 4s shop maintenance, Car out of the quality problems easier to solve, not the insurance the Cars do not covet a little cheap to give up the warranty.

need to pay attention to what the secondary Car during maintenance?

Shimo Qi recommend keeping a Car, add money for a little better conservation of oil and products, so-called original oil Is not really very good, particularly for more aggressive driving style to the owner says it all the more necessary.

In addition, maintenance Is not just replace the oil filter, but also a comprehensive inspection of the Car on the lift Car, usually do not see a lot of places that are exposed, check where there Is no scratching, and there are no loose screws (many abnormal sound Is caused by loose screws), the inside of the tire there Is no scratch (very important), and so on.

so often to check, find hidden faults in time, the Car can be kept in good condition for a long time.