How to buy a used car vehicle at ease? How to avoid car accidents? Used car evaluation master told you!

purpose of buying a used Car Is nothing more than the novice to practice your hand, or to reduce the purchase cost. For those who want to buy a used Car of my friends, how to pick a used Car Is assured of a very troublesome problem, many people do not know how to start buying a new Car, let alone second-hand Car? After all, a used Car Is really deep water, in case of failure to buy Car, Car accidents, flooded Cars, and that has really suffering appeal ah. Not only can not reduce costs, vehicle maintenance costs are a headache, and then every day to run the garage, but on the plus annoying annoying, so how do we check if a used Car Is a Car accident it, with a look!

1, the engine compartment to check whether the left spot traces

after opening the hood, check the inside of the engine cover, if traces of paint baked, thIs indicates a high probability after collIsion plate. Then again, the engine body below the two longitudinal rails, etc. viewed from the side of the tank cover beams, where if nothing else, it should be left traces of the circular spot. If you spot any errors circle shape or different sizes, they are likely to have suffered shock. If conditional on the lifting frame children, it can obviously be checked. Because for most of the Car, the chassIs has run through the ribs before and after. Whether straight bars to determine whether or not had an accident can be enhanced by inspection.

2. Check door

viewed from the door frame, B pillar whether to present a straight line, if no wave happens, it means the Car Is not a big accident. Then the door Is opened to the detailed investigation of A, B, C pillar, door frame if not flat, similar to the case with a wave, showing sheet metal done here. Also black water strips can be opened to see Is flat, near the door when leaving traces of the original Car rivet bonding, left traces indicates that thIs Car Is the original Car, or that thIs Car baked paint. Finally, the door can switch back and forth to check the smoothness of the doors open, there Is no abnormal sound or turn very smoothly, it means the Car Is no big exception.

to find whether the Car Carpet possession of the body flawed, Carefully observed the door to see if repainted. Any new paintDescription Cars are defective. The original point of the frame welding fine smooth engine, plus the weld rough, irregular.

3, to check vehicle slit

If it Is soaked Car, then Some gaps in the vehicle, Will be mixed with a variety of fine silt, sediment for these general cleaning Is not cleansed. If blIsters after the Car, the Car left the gap sediment Is doing inevitable. In particular, some gaps door gap, the engine compartment of the vehicle but also more Careful examination. If the seat Is flooded Cars Will certainly be dIsmantled if the check under the seat Is difficult to find the problem.

for a used Car Is really very deep water, reason Why many people want to change a new Car, then it Is likely there have been an accident, or Is soaked in water Car. Of course, some Is due to the replacement, then can buy thIs kind of Car it Is the best of the. Buy a used Car Is to be Careful, pay attention to every detail of the vehicle, for those vehicles changed hands after a few more should pay attention, you can see thIs on the vehicle regIstration certificate.

used Car prices, although relatively affordable, but to buy the rest assured that the vehicles still need to own a pair of golden eyes eyes of fire for the job, pay more attention to the details, do not lIsten to second-hand Car dealers flicker.