How to auto repair shops rational use of customer seating area?

Car repair shop seating area how to set up? How to improve customer seating area? Auto repair shops generally have a dedicated customer lounge area, waiting for customers in the maintenance time can pass it. But many store owners when setting customer lounge, seeking only to please the customer the wrong customer seating area set up, not just a waste of money, but also very affecting customer transactions and sales, following six layout area, you caught it ?

1, the customer seating area put the film

the vast majority of Auto repair shops customer lounge area has a TV in order to allow customers to experience better service, usually put some movies to watch customers. Actually, thIs has a downside, for customers to see what he Is watching, but for stores in terms of a window has lost effective education customers, the store off the TV correct usage should be used to play off the area to keep a Car a Car Note, standardize maintenance processes, products and promotional items, enhance customer awareness of keeping a Car for a Car, the owner of the Car for maintenance know more, you only more sales opportunities.

2, off off area provides computer customers with entertainment

Car repair shops to provide computer entertainment to the customer’s intention Is to please the customer, but the customer watch videos, see the web, play games! Customers Will not want to interact, he did not want to Dali your sales!

3, break-off area Is equipped billiards, golf

For some stores in the shop waiting for customers not boring, customers also placed a billiards lounge and even golf practice room, but ask what the customer Will have to come to your shop because playing billiards, golf shop to maintenance? And thIs kind of entertainment space occupied by larger sales environment Is far better to arrange thIs region into an interesting exhibition of products and product experience area.

4, break-off area Is equipped massage chair

and now share first massage seat chair Is more and more, and some storesMassage chair that used to dIsplay earn rent also good, but in fact it Is not worth the candle, first put the massage chair income Is not high, but occupy a larger space off-off area stores, and customers once use, there Is no time and energy and sales talk.