How the BMW X3 and Audi Q5L the election? Maintenance of old master tell the truth, regret to know

BMW X3 and Audi Q5L in the end how to choose? LIsten to repair the old master said, regret not knew

in the country’s mid-sized SUV market, the German Cars occupy a very large market share, while sales of Japanese SUV models has always neither warm nor hot. Then driving quality, the BMW X3, Audi and Mercedes-Benz GLC Q5L become a new market explosion point. Today, there are riders asked small series, the BMW X3 and Audi Q5L in the end how to choose? Analyze these two models under repair invited master craftsman.

look at BMW’s price, a little while ago, a friend mentioned a BMW X3 25iM 18 Car models, final bare Car price Is 331,000, compared to other regions, the price Is still relatively favorable.

BMW X3’s market position mainly between X1 and X5, was Tucao say, the BMW X3 has the rear of X1 shadow, in fact, just like the Car, do not take into account the opinions of others too. Audi Q5L Is thIs year’s big change models, with the previous Q5 has a very big change. Its official guide price of 337,300 yuan, and the price of the BMW X3 25iM roughly equal.

let’s look at the power section, the two Cars are based on the 2.0T turbo engine, however, after adjustment performance Is a little difference, the maximum horsepower BMW X3 can reach 184P, while the Audi Q5L it reached 190P, relatively speaking, Q5L performance better. Oil technology, Q5L using the world’s most advanced hybrid injection technology, and X3 Is the use of direct injection technology, in theory, although fuel economy Q5L to be better, however, due to the use of a Q5L cast iron cylinder block material, vehicle weight itself would be heavier than the X3, because the X3 using aluminum alloy. Thus, in determining, or to be compared based on the entire parameter.

Gearbox, Q5L was equipped with aVolkswagen’s seven-speed wet dual clutch, in terms of ride comfort, certainly smaller than BMW’s 8-speed manual gearbox. Further, a chassIs which, Q5L timely four-wheel drive system Is adopted, and X3 used Is the four-wheel drive system, during running, the X3 to be superior stability and safety. There are owners said, Q5L Will be more fuel efficient than some of the X3, but in the luxury Car camp, the point Is not really concerned about the owners of fuel consumption, fuel consumption which local tyrants Will Care little less of it!

Read the above comparIson, small or recommend BMW X3, after all, Is the chassIs and gearbox the most important.