How often to change a gearbox oil, auto repair shop: After thIs time have to change, otherwIse overhaul

With the improvement of people’s economic level, many people buy a Car, even if it Is not then understand the Car, Will know about Car maintenance part of things, most owners are aware that the engine of the Car to said to be very important, we should pay attention to Is usually the most maintenance on the engine, so in general, we Will decide not to change oil change according to the color of engine oil, some owners Will enchant every six months or 5,000 km oil but you also need to know gearbox oil change? Recently Xiao Zhao to maintain the Car when the repair shop who told him that the gearbox oil changed, Xiao Zhao have doubts, how the gearbox oil must change?

repair shop staff told Xiao Zhao explained that, yes, transmIssion oil use for a long time, it Is not so sticky, no tightness well, and also not so good lubricating properties, thereby affecting the accuracy of the hydraulic system, so that the case Will cause pressure instability, when driving feel not so smooth, and if the oil has gone bad, it’s cooling performance Will be good, so that the transmIssion oil also needs to be replaced, like when we buy a Car, there Will be a Car repair manual, which Will be talked about a lot of things, but the gearbox, it Is generally not really the owner specially paid attention to it, that today in terms of how long oil change to the gearbox problem.

Generally, we all know Is divided into manual and Automatic transmIssion, Automatic transmIssion on that, repair shop staff says so: “For Automatic transmIssion, in general, Is to run 40,000 km need to be replaced once the oil, but thIs Is not a fixed number of kilometers, if you feel that in the process of driving in difficult shift, probably need to replace the gearbox oil, that we replace the Automatic transmIssion fluid when using special equipment to pay attention to the old oil and other impurities cleaned, otherwIse, the remaining impurities likely to flow along the internal system, causing blockage of the internal oil . “

maintenance staff also said,” If the Car manual gearbox, we all know that the internal structure of Automobile manual transmIssion Is relatively simple, precIsion Is not high, it’s lubricating oil Is mainly played a role, in general, need to be replaced once three yearsBut if you do not often drive, and other Cars can be about 100,000 kilometers of time, to be replaced once the oil, but thIs Is according to the driver’s driving manner to determine, for example driving road conditions, vehicle speed Is not very fast and so on, as long as the transmIssion noIse Is not large, in general no problem, you can safely continue to drive. “

to see everyone here should know, the gearbox oil to a certain period of time, also need to be replaced, but thIs Is not want to take it for granted trade on the exchange, and also based on the use of vehicles, the replacement too frequently or that has not change, are bad for the Car, we usually go to Car maintenance, let maintenance master help look gearbox oil, If the maintenance of the master said the change, we have to replace, so to say, we drove to a certain amount of time, must go to be maintained, if there are problems to be solved in time.