How often should I change a car tire? Many owners do not know, come to find out

a mention of the most important parts of the Car itself, many people Will answer directly out of the engine. In fact, for the Car tires it Is also important. We all know that the Car tires of the vehicle body Is one of the more important parts, because parts of it have been in contact with the ground, so how well Car tires may be related to the safety of the vehicle itself, driving experience and vehicle owners. If you go to the Car engine ChrIstians have no tires, then the Car Will just an empty shell. There Is no way to play a practical role, there Is no way to use such a vehicle, the tire Is made of rubber, rubber products are all aging, just a matter of time. So how long can a tire in the end? How often should I change a Car tire? Many owners do not know, come look at

most drivers Will say how many kilometers Will run to change a tire, in fact, not, not many kilometers tire at all, because different from road conditions, tire wear Is not the same. Situation tire tread wear of tires can be seen when the new one. According to U.S.’s relevant laws and regulations, limit tire wear Is 1.6MM. If you exceed thIs scale, the tires need to be replaced. ThIs 1.6MM can be seen out in the tire wear indicator, tire wear to mark time with flush, it Is thIs depth.

Secondly, if the owner check the tire when the tire see above drum kits appear, the owner should pay attention. Such tires once in the process of moving, bumpy road situation occurs, the tire drum kits with the chance of a puncture on the road Will be greatly increased. Also, if a sharp object punctured tire, tire damage Will be more serious, but also has a deep impact on the climate for the life of the tire. In addition, if the tire Is repaired many times, and also the useful life of more than three years, then it Is best to replace new tires. Because the tires repaired several times, although normal driving no problem, but if the road Is not smooth or high-speed long run, it Is difficult to get their safety guaranteed.

In addition, we can also observe the tire tread and the walls of the lines, if the tire has cracks indicates serious aging, even though thIs tire mileage number or timeNot long, but such a phenomenon must also be replaced, otherwIse due to the aging of the tire sidewall strength weakened, at high speeds due to the temperature rIse prone to puncture, and we know that there Is a Car tire pressure range of values, we usually then need to ensure that its tire pressure within the appropriate range, in order to reduce the loss of tires, we usually maintenance time, you can also let maintenance workers to check your tires are not need to be replaced, or the emergence of what’s wrong.