How often replace a car tire? Most owners have been fooled 4S shop, how to lIsten to the repairman says

Now, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, and now every household have their own Car, especially in recent years, people’s living standard has been better improve, and now the road the number of the Car are also in constant growth, in fact, the owners are most concerned about, that Is, when should usually drive Is necessary to cheer it, but for vehicles, although the Car’s engine Is the heart of the Car, but we are also aware of the Car’s tires are also extremely important. So the owners in the process of driving, how safe a Car Is not capable of better tires on the road and traveling in the Car also Will always have a great relationship, in fact, there are many new models Will come with new the device detects the state of our Car, so as to ensure the safety of the Car in which the driving process.

but we should all know it, above all the Car parts it Is also a bit of life, not just Cars but all the parts , there are the length of life, and the length of time of each component used Is not the same, so today we are saying Is the Car’s tires, life Is how long? Why do we have to replace the Car’s tires it? In fact, thIs Is precIsely because we are in the process of Car tires to use a particular age or has come to our particular number of miles the tire Is likely to be, long-term use because of wear and tear, resulting in our Car tire grip lack of soil fertility, in fact, thIs Is also very impact, we in the process of driving traffic safety among, then today we want to say Is how long to replace a Car tire? Most 4S shop owners have been fooled too, how to lIsten to the repairman says

In fact, there are many Car models to reach 60,000 in mileage baggage kilometers, or 80,000 kilometers all the time necessary to replace the tires, then the 4S shop owners who give advice, are to be replaced every three years once the tires. In fact, they say thIs Is not particularly accurate, because Car owners and frequencies between the owners are not the same. For many Car owners, even after buying the Car, but it Is not very often go for a drive, but for many Car owners, almost every dayIn the use of their own Car. So for such Car owners, then once every three years to replace the tires seem normal. But for those Car owners less frequently, the tires Will be replaced once every three years Is particularly frequent, but there we go 4S shop to check in after three years, our Cars have tires are also very necessary, in fact, in addition to going inside to check 4S shop outside, if we are with the tires, and today we are saying these types of situations, then thIs proves that our Car Is time to replace the tire.

To say Tire wear

, and that Is certainly the owners, can not be avoided if the Car’s tire wear has been very serious, it Is for example. Our Car tire tire monitoring. Wear warning signs above, have been exposed to a horizontal line, or a Car tire tread groove Is 1.6 mm time, then at thIs time, we are all tires must be replaced, or Is likely to because tire wear too much lack of grip and traffic accidents.

or that their Car tires have been a phenomenon drum kit, then in the process of our acquaintance, overweight certainly encounter irregularities the road, on some sharp objects such as press time, then the probability of occurrence of a puncture Car tires also greatly increased, if the puncture Car tires once, then the consequences are very serious, in fact, except me today, with you say to these two points, if our tires have long been patched many times, then, and our tires have spent more than three years, it Is necessary to replace the tire.

because our Car tires, in addition to the time and mileage and Car owners driving a relationship outside, but we drove less time does not mean that , owners do not have to worry about changing a tire problem, but in fact thIs Is because if our Car for a long time did not open the case, but still stored in the garage or Will, because the dry or because of long-term stress, cause our Car tire aging, which also increases the rIsk of mIsCarriage, so that the owners still have to go 4S shop inside after use to a certain number of years to check tire replacement.