How often a suitable replacement car tires? Maintenance divIsion: Remember these methods, we Will be able to determine their own

How often replace a Car tire suitable? Maintenance divIsion: Remember these methods themselves can judge

As our country’s rIsing Car ownership, and now we can clearly see that the vehicle Is traveling on the road more for more, so it can also be a direct reflection of enhancing the overall national economy, people’s life Is getting better. So many people have joined the ranks of Car owners among the traffic pressure on the road now Is very large, the transport sector in order to alleviate thIs phenomenon, also launched a series of traffic rules to restrict the travel of vehicles and pedestrians on the road . After buying a Car, many people Will choose to drive to do the means of transport, and we all know that the Car above tire Is part of only one contact with the ground, so the effect Is very large, to a certain extent, also a direct impact on our driving safety , so usually do maintenance when the tire maintenance Is very critical.

in which the process of moving Car, tire wear and ground contact also Will take place, thIs Is no way to avoid, on the other parts of a Car tire and items also have a certain lifetime limits, if to a certain number of years or traveling to a certain number of miles Will need to be replaced, or Is likely to be due to lack of grip, resulting in performance weakens, directly affects our traffic safety, but a lot of novice drivers do not know what tire to be replaced when appropriate, and today just like to share some tips. How often a suitable replacement Car tires? Maintenance divIsion: Remember these methods themselves can judge

In fact, on the above Automobile tire replacement cycle, requires that each tire manufacturers are also different from each other the same, it Is also no mandatory requirement, generally are to be decided to replace the term according to the owners of their own driving habits and frequently traveled road environment. If your Car has been used for several years, thIs time above the elastic Car tires Will become weak, affecting the normal braking, if the tire above pattern has decreased, wear a deeper level, it would have a direct impact on the braking dIstance, so for safety sake, we must be timely replacement of tires.

whichSolid tires produced after the above there Will be a mark about tire wear life of each tire above all, only if the Car tire has reached the level indicated, it must be replaced, the new tire Is usually thickness about 8 mm, if the tire has been worn to about 1.6 mm when it means we need to replace the tires, general rubber of the tire after the first 3 years, its aging process Will accelerate, so if the tire to 4 years when you can replace, but due to the usual tire driving environment and each owner’s driving habits, for example, usually drive it often walking in a road full of oil, so long the tires would be oil erosion, accelerated aging speed of the tire, thIs would require the replacement of the advance.

In addition to thIs method, we can also look to see if the tire surface and the inner wall of the tire above lines, there have been some cracks if the tire above , it means that the tires have been very serious aging, even if it was a time not long or mileage short tires also need to be replaced, otherwIse if the use of such tires to continue driving, driving especially on high-speed when, due to the dangerous temperature rIse Will be very easy to puncture, puncture at high speed on how serious the consequences, I believe we are very clear, so do not lose the greater may also be sure to check them daily maintenance process state of the tire, so as to ensure the safety of our travel.