How often a car tire change, you change the tires yet?

tire, act as the driving process in our important role, doing the most tired of living, dirtiest way to go, but also often not noticed by the people. So hard tires in the end how long should change again?

to experience small series, there Is a rolling tire, the tire shop channel roadside puncture. Nothing to do on and chat up the store and asked how long the tires for once, to my surprIse he said two years should change, I say not also look at the mileage it, he was all seriousness when it comes to tires for two years also aging, no matter how much run all the way to change, I can only hear silence Oh, and do not dIscuss it.

about how long they need to change the tire also different opinions, some say a foreign tire can be 110,000 kilometers, according to that count and small series before thIs talk about tires stores the argument can be sent in too far. In fact, no matter what kind of statement, not Yaoan fixed number of years and a fixed time to calculate.

The correct approach Is to look at the actual loss situation open your Car’s tires and the environment. If your Car on that for a long time did not open, but there Is no good storage environment, but also clean out your back or used Car, before driving such vehicles on the road be sure to check your tires have no morals or other strange .

in our usual place when the Car, a good Car, but also extend the life of tires habit of frequent cleaning tires, do not open when a good point on the environment, often under measure your tire pressure are all measures to protect our tires.

appear when your tires must want to change the drum kit when your tire tread has been worn very serious when some want to change, when your tires after several repair of certain want to change, that happens regardless of your tires open how long or how much mileage, do not delay in order to save a few hundred dollars to replace, these are related to your driving safety are closely related.

Finally a little, now on the market uneven quality tires, and even some refurbIshed to serve as a new selling, must not freeloaders when you buy tires, to choose a regular store regular manufacturers factory replacement tires. noThen any time a threat to your driving safety.