How much car paint? Painting to the 4S shop or repair shop?

friends get together, nothing but drink and chat, talk about work and life. Among them, most involved are our friends talk about Car problems Car price Is our greatest concern. When it comes to the cost of Car paint, they have their own method of calculation, where the best technology, the price Is reasonable. Now, I want to share my views and I encountered.

Some of my friends asked me if the Car needs paint, we should go to 4s shops or roadside fast repair shop? In fact, we absolutely can not decide which Is better and which Is worse. It depends on our actual situation. For example, in the choice of material, 4s shop using the paint Is original paint, and some roadside shops use paints may be domestic paint. If you are a detail controller, and attaches great importance to the quality of Automotive paint or high demand, you can choose to go to 4s shops or Auto repair shop for quick repair. Whether painting from a technical standpoint, the owner of the Car in the field of painting Is still very professional. He has hIs own mature management and maintenance system. From the Car into the store to construction, he has hIs own rigorous process. The owner of the body and paint coating process are in strict accordance with OEMs manufacturing. Some small repair shop might ignore it.

In addition, the most important Is the price from my personal experience, I do not like to go to 4s shops painting, ranging from 500-600, as many 2000, which are too much for anyone. I personally driving a white Car, if I have small scratches, I Will use their own toothpaste, nail polIsh and other color cosmetics; however, thIs Is not the right fix the paint surface. If the damage Is obvious, I still choose to go to a professional service center to repair sheet metal painting paint. Whether it Is repairing paint or paint the whole Car, 4S shop prices are 30-50% lower. Technology than 4s shop, the price Is lower than the 4s shop.