How long Is the life of car tires? How often do change a tire?

Car tire Is actually a very important accessory, but a lot of people tend to overlook its importance, the daily did not check the tire condition good habits, not to mention the maintenance of tires, possibly even the most basic the life of the tire do not know how long the tires should be replaced when it Is do not understand.

tire basically divided into two categories: Car tires and off-road tires, Car tires while further divided into ordinary tires, tire travel, sports tires, each function tires are not the same as ordinary tires good comfort, travel tire bearing wear Is good, powerful performance sports tire handling. Subdivided into high-speed off-road tires, mud and comprehensive. Suv for high-speed multi-paved road travel.

It Is said that when the tire tread surface Is worn down to 1.6mm must be replaced, and can actually travel, if true to thIs extent, then, the performance of the tires Will It becomes very poor grip and drainage capacity Will deteriorate, while security Will also be reduced.

Also in addition to the degree of wear and tear, replace the tires there Is a time indicator, it Is to see your Car tires slashed the number of holes. If three or more rolling over, and also needs to be replaced, in particular a tire sidewall injury.