How long have swapped the car front and rear wheels, front and rear tires Why change frequently? !

front and rear wheels of the vehicle Is generally recommended every 20,000 km once aligned. But that did not regulate the industry, there Is no specific standard, so it can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the tire.

In order to maintain the general stability of the vehicle body design, the performance Will be some deviation from the rear, so that the rear wheel Is relatively easy to wear. ThIs Is the so-called four-wheel transposition. Replacing moldings front and rear wheels can be changed partly worn tire position and suitably extend tire life

recommend adjustment 20,000 km reason Is based average mileage of the average family sedan. Family Car basically about 10,000 kilometers, 20,000 kilometers adjusted once a year, that Is to say two years, the life of the tire Is generally four years, so just be replaced once in the life of the tire.

conform to thIs milestone, not only can save you the trouble and effort, you can ensure good working conditions of the tire. It seems neither hypocritical nor guarantee safety. Different models can be adjusted, as shown in FIG. FF Is the precursor model, FR Is the rear-drive type.