How long general use car tires want to change? FinIshed pedestrian understand, a lot of people gave the pit too

want to change Car tires generally how long? FinIshed pedestrian understand, a lot of people gave the pit too

Cars can now say that all parts are important. There are four parts on the Car, the main body of the chassIs and engine electrical equipment, Which ultimately, did not say Which Is most important. Today it Is about chassIs problem, which Is the tires. A Car tire can be said of the legs, if bad leg, you want to run are not run, so for the maintenance of tires should work hard, or very easy to go wrong, we have to pay attention. After you buy a Car 4S shop Will tell you that the replacement cycle of a certain kind of parts, such as tires need three years for once, then, in the end Is not it? Insiders revealed to you next, look.

normal tire life Will tell you 5-6 years, of course, if you use the wrong, then reduced to 3–4 years, in addition to the time limit, there Is a little wear and tear Issues, if less than 1.6 millimeters wear it reached its limit, the Car Will be above the mark to see you, so be sure to remember to wear problems. There Is a foreign institution tested, tire wear limit Is 110,000 kilometers, but in general people Will tell you about 100,000 kilometers on the replacement, but for more security, U.S. provides 80,000 kilometers to be replaced, and it would be faster the replacement cycle.

of course, also be noted that the problem of production time. Unlike Automobile house, you put too long can appreciate, the seat Is dangerous consumables need regular maintenance, so they took in terms of tires, rubber aging can also cause thIs to happen, every minute flat tire, for life safety Is not guaranteed . So, everyone in the high-speed, be sure to remember to go to the beauty shop to check to see if there yourself or drum kits tire above, if there Is just change, if not put gas added to the appropriate range. ThIs time it Is much safer.

A lot of people tire repaired many times, the above patch with a lot do not want to change, but we have to remember, thIs Is a question of life safety, if blindly to save money for big threat to security Issues, so if too many patches, so it Is better to replace the tires a little better. Of course, if you do not have a spare tire so quickly replaced, but usually spare tire also can not last long.