How long considered backlog of stock car? 4S shop sales turnover to tell the truth, do not be fooled

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Although various 4s shop Car sales are more popular. But sometimes there Will always be some other reasons, such as Car just started pricing Is relatively high or relatively low sales of individual models, etc. are likely other reasons Will cause a backlog of these Cars, a long time later on became a stock Car. So in the end how long considered backlog of stock Car? 4S shop sales turnover to tell the truth, do not be fooled.

4S shop sales turnover, said stock Car thIs argument Is no precIse definition, but many people think that Is thIs number. In the domestic production of Cars, as long as the production date Is greater than three months, it can be considered a stock Car, if it Is, then imported Cars, imported Cars because it takes a longer time on transportation and formalities, so the imported models stock more than a year, then it can be considered a stock Car. So if more than thIs time we should watch out.

Is different with the new Car, stock Car main problem Is that these Cars are often parked in one place, to keep for several months or even six months, in which case it Will lead to a lot of problems, such as the battery Will power loss, a tire in place to maintain a posture for a long time it may become deformed if the vehicle Is parked 4s shop with open-air parking lot, so the paint finIsh Will wear, due to the long time does not work, Automotive engine oil and water are likely to deteriorate, and so on a variety of Issues.

preferential if the stock Car lot, then there Will be tens of thousands of such can be considered Carefully. But there are three types of stock Car Is the first one kind of paint do not touch the obvious scratches. Paint surface uneven, not shiny. The first two kinds of Automotive interior electrical system problems, large area electronic device failure cases, thIs Is no way to completely repair. A third dip in the water stock Car chassIs of these vehicles may have been eroded. It Is etched body of the Car, difficult to completely fix, so pay attention.