How in addition to carbon car? Maintenance personnel tell you, these methods are very effective

as the Car just to be more common now into millions of households. Ten years ago the United States known as the “country on the Car”, according to MinIstry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau statIstics, in 2020, U.S.’s Car ownership Will likely surpass the United States, then U.S. Will be entering “the country on the Car.” thIs ranks. With the increase in Car ownership, a big homework routine maintenance of the Car Will become more people need to face thIs one, how to effectively remove Carbon deposits in the engine Is a lot of owners of friends to worry about a big problem. Today talk about things everyday use in Cars, older drivers are doing, I learned never to worry about other than Carbon.

The reason Is mainly due to Carbon deposition in the engine combustion fuel Is insufficient, or gasoline can not be burned wax gum and other ingredients in the residue at high temperature engine fuel injectors, throttle valve, oil pipes and other components of the spark plug, formed in turn cooled. When excessive Carbon deposits inside the engine, the Car Will be sluggIsh speed, fuel consumption increased, jittery when idling, idling becomes higher, longer thIs vicious circle not only increased fuel consumption, and engine life Is also greatly reduced.

Many of my friends have come to realize the dangers of Carbon, so a lot of Carbon in addition to the “recipe” also came into being, in which the most widely circulated ought to “pull the high-speed” of the. The so-called “pull-speed” in fact, that Is to increase the Car’s speed to about 4000, with a strong work remove Carbon deposits inside the engine. In fact, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčthIs approach Is correct, but spicy brother must be clear that the work to improve the engine’s strength lies not enhance the speed, but to improve the instantaneous acceleration engine speed, the higher the engine speed to better remove itself under the same speed Carbon deposition, and thIs Is often a need to repeat the operation, once the engine cover and the coke has been formed, the speed increase Is powerless.

At the same time, the use of high-quality fuel Is also an effective means of preventing the formation of Carbon deposits, after all, we all know that the higher the number of gasoline products, combustion efficiency under the same situation the higher, the less residue formation. Therefore, to eat their own Car, “refined grains” Is actually necessary, of course, a highly efficient fuel must also be accompanied by economic growth in spending, not everyone Is Willing to accept such an economypressure. Now the market there have been clear coke products “Fuel treasure”, in fact, spicy brother also proposed conditional friend doing clean up the timing of the engine under the conditions permit, while the 4S shops and Auto repair workshop Will have an intake system cleaning project, if necessary, can also choose to drive to try.

Finally, spicy brother to say Is, no matter what kind of way passive means always produced when the Carbon cleanup, but to improve their love Car life, develop healthy daily habits Is the most important, Is not only responsible for the Car, but also responsible for their own safety. In addition to Carbon deposition on you what kind of a good way to welcome us.