How automotive air conditioning maintenance: cleaning and maintenance of automotive air conditioning the right way!

whether in winter or in summer, the Automotive air conditioning dependence Is that many owners can not leave, seeing the spring soon slipped away, we need to be for your own Car air-conditioning in summer Is approaching maintenance and cleaning depth look at it? Many owners for Automotive air conditioning maintenance Raiders do not know, then take a look at the following about these Automotive air conditioning maintenance of it! Make you more professional to clean Car air conditioners, Is a security for the owners of physical and mental health Oh!

Automotive air conditioning maintenance What are the benefits?

for Automotive air conditioning cleaning and maintenance problems, the biggest benefit Is the ability to avoid harmful gases are absorbed by the body to protect owners of physical and mental health problems, as well as the timely dIscovery and adjust air conditioning abnormal operation to save fuel!

Automotive air conditioning how to maintain it?

1, clean the air conditioning vent !

air conditioning vent Is the most easy to ignore the problem, but also the dirtiest places most in need of cleanup, many owners an air conditioning vent in the Car himself clean up the interior decoration Is going to be handy should not lead to clean up the dirty, in fact, on the contrary, air conditioning in the Car after we use for some time because of repeated cycles of adsorption and electrostatic air utilization, resulting in a lot of dust in the air are blocked in the air conditioning vent, long-term depth cleanup only breed a lot of bacteria and viruses, and even affect the cooling effect of air conditioning in the summer, increased fuel consumption!

2, and timely maintenance of air conditioning condenser!

The main air-conditioning condenser Is hot and cold air exchange problem, once the air conditioning condenser Is dirty or broken, then the use of air conditioning in the summer which you Will feeling the cooling effect Is very poor.

3, clean or replace the air filter in time!

Automotive air-conditioning filter Is an important maintenance position, a period of time not to clean clogged air filter can lead to poor ventilation quality, long time without cleaning or replacing the exhaust gases Will absorb a lot of garbage, if heated in winter even in the case Is to produce toxic gases!

Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration poor how to do?

a cause of poor refrigeration: excessive consumption or refrigerant leak

Car air conditioning poor results can only show your air conditioner maintenance Is not in place, if you do the above effect of improving the cleaning work Is not obvious, you need to add refrigerant in a timely manner!

cause of poor refrigeration II: air-conditioning compressor failure

Is to protect the Car air-conditioning compressors best power air conditioning and refrigeration effect, once the compressor does not work, the air conditioning cooling effect certainly Will be worse!

How Automobile air-conditioning professional deep cleaning?

1, a condenser and a radiator cleaning.

The method of cleaning Is to be cleaned with high pressure water, dried and then placed in clean because dust has been clogged with dust and other reasons a high pressure air gun!

2, the air filter cleaning.

In fact, there are Automotive air-conditioning filter life, generally can be a direct replacement to a certain life, prolonged air filter with an air filter the worse the effect, thIs leads to the air quality Is also worse!

3, and external air-conditioning channel outlet and clean air inlet.

These general clean-up work Is accompanied by the owner of the 4S shop maintenance projects sometimes do directly, but many owners may be in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance cycleMaintenance, so forget normal, clean up your own words, you need to use an air gun to clean up foreign materials out of air intake, the best demolition outlet part, in-depth clean up!

Summary: Automotive air conditioning maintenance Is related to whether we can be healthy and an important guarantee to spend the summer, before the summer yet to come, give your feeling Car wash bath or change of air-conditioning equipment, ready to meet summer of preparation, these maintenance tips and the Raiders on Car air conditioning, Auto white or Careless old driver feeling accept it!