How automobile air conditioning and refrigeration effect of variation of the process

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Micro keeping a Car

now has four months, the temperature Will become higher and higher, the first thing the Car of a friend on the bus, presumably, open air, yet many owners Will find: air-conditioning cooling effect on how the Car Is getting worse of it? What measures we can take to solve the above problems?

for the coming summer, we can onadvance air conditioning and refrigeration to check the cooling effect if returned to power, if you feel the result Is not satIsfactory or anomalies, then, go to recommend places to go professional maintenance check and repair.

In order to avoid everybody riders are pit below briefly explain about maintenance rules. First, when a vehicle repair shop or to sale, the first step Is to connect the art diagnostic computer system has no fault code check the engine; followed by examination of the engine water temperature, the high temperature Will also affect the cooling effect of the air conditioner, if the cooling fan normal operation, that might affect the adhesion of dust Is large the cooling effect between the tank and the upper front portion of the engine air-conditioning condenser, generally can try to clean the tank inside the washing machine from the front direction to solve the heat differential Is at failure.

Then, if the engine failure to exclude air conditioning or refrigeration Is not normal, then the air conditioning system described there Is a fault, the air conditioning system by a plurality of electrical circuit elements, such as air conditioning AC switch, the air volume switch, relay air conditioning, outside temperature sensor, interior temperature sensor, an electromagnetic clutch, air conditioner components, wherein a failure affects the air conditioning and refrigeration effect. In regard to the specific circuit to check on the need for professional and technical personnel to the investigation, as the owner can only feel at ease waiting for the test results.

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