HIstorically, the worst ranking of 10 modified cars!

to adjust or modify the Car Is obviously a subjective thing, and it was made according to each owner’s preferences. Since the first Car tuning Car appearance, thIs type of Automobile industry has been moving in the direction of good and bad. In the Automotive upgrades, new technologies and new trends opens the door to many new possibilities. However, some people do not understand the true meaning of tuning the Car, their project was eventually chosen as the worst converted rides.

interesting fact Is that those who think that these projects can be exposed at the show, you can even use them to win prizes, but when someone tries to open your eyes, it realized that the project results are very bad. According to ProStreetOnline saying for some time worst Cars are very popular trend, but now, they can not be considered the owners voluntarily or based on simple errors committed by a friend’s recommendation. If there are many possibilities to upgrade the Car, from the engine to the exterior and interior, make the wrong decIsion can lead to many problems, such as loss of funds or failure. There are many stunning play set

into one of the three brands large mirror

One may want to know what thIs Car Is the Car. It Is the GMC, Dodge, Chevy, or all three at the same time appear? You can guess whether he or she did not know the model. Honestly, thIs Is a terrible, no sense of the Car.

module looks like thIs: two mirrors bus, presumably to allow other drivers to keep a safe dIstance; some of bicycle horn to ensure that it can be far away from place to hear; LED light bar on the hood to make sure he or she clearly see the road and everyone blindness; and identifies three unrelated to the Car three different Car manufacturers. Looks very strange, some people have it and are proud of driving every day.

the huge rear wing Mazda MI

The Mazda MX-5 owners need a particular Car, he or she Is only one. ThIsAfter the wing section Is sure to make thIs Car with other MX-5 on the streets of a difference. Only one small problem: the rear bumper in the way, so we need to take it down. People Will want to know how the statue behind it Is still the aerodynamics, especially when written on it “combat aviation.”

However, the rest of the Car still did not want to be affected by the tuner of the hands of the inexperienced. Car classic Car should not be destroyed by these terrible idea has nothing to do with it. Remember, there Is no reinforcement of the rear bumper and the Car Is not suitable for driving on the street.

A ruined Toyota 86 GTS

First, the selected blue and black thIs does not match the color of the Car. If the owners put it all turned black and simple words, it Will be a great ride, but instead, he or she decided to install a Car that seemed to pull back and not provide any aerodynamic rear wing to help barbaric.

green traffic light sprint from thIs ride looks Will fall on the trunk. Unfortunately for the owner, he or she does not understand Toyota 86 GTS looks amazing, no crazy mod or any mods. According to AUSmotive say, as 2012 models, the factory also provides a body kit that contains a large rear spoiler.

unicorn Mustang

Some people really like the unicorn, and thIs , the four decided to become a riding horse. If only drawing, it Will be a bit better, but it must have in the back of a huge horn on a really big outer wing and hood to make sure it really Is a unicorn, no one thinks not. Sometimes, magic and magical creatures should remain in the books, definitely not on the Car.

wild horses, unicorns – they are horses, but thIs type of Car should maintain the classic ride, rather than becoming a joke. ThIs should not be at any time in the street Broncos running;If so, the police certainly have something to say.

Deathmatch machine

Alright, alright …… thIs Is something no one Will forget. Movie “Death Race” seems to have attracted some fans. The Car seems to be in order to adapt the movie but not in any other place. Body parts of different colors, the lack of a front bumper has been substituted with huge clubs, roof lights on the headlight substituted, there are three metal on a metal frame, the skull and the front fender – they are racing to complete thIs death worship strange appearance. When people think of it, people Will want to know how a person can think of things to do so, and then drive it from point A to point B without feeling troubled.

Apocalypse Now

anyone Will remember that At that moment on the 2012 catastrophe and the great debate on how all of humanity Will suffer and die of. ThIs Car all to think of that time, everything Is in fast forward, the construction of shelters, housing reinforced bunker to buy more. Owners thought of everything, even by water under additional help breathing tube.

Paint that it should be a type of camouflage colors, rusty metal back window cover should make it bulletproof. Rear window protection grille using, so in addition to the driver, the Car everyone Is safe. Taking into account all these models and how to reduce the Car, one can determine the Car Is heavier than it should be.


Everyone dreams of a Ferrari once in a lifetime, and may even drive a few hours, but thIs guy definitely want to try anything only need one, or even a homemade copy version. ThIs Is definitely not a Ferrari, not even a Ferrari, but some people spend a lot of money to make sure that the Car turned heads in the street. The host should try to copy it, or at least has some similarities with the original, butA representative of the F50 and it tries to nothing to do, nothing to do with color or even the wheel. It Will be added to the worst ever Car model, and it Will certainly turn – but in the wrong way.

Rolls-Royce smart version of

Is Smart a beautiful small Car, when the owners live in crowded cities and have a long time to go to work every day, it could great. It’s actually not a cheap Car, because it Is a Mercedes – Benz sold, but thIs picture of Smart just doubled its price. Rolls-Royce Is a high-end Car brand, owned by the rich and famous.

However, thIs blue Smart boss thought to have a well in hIs small four-wheel help of friends. By adding a front grille with only one of the most expensive Car in the name of the newborn Car Will raIse a lot of questions rather than price. Welcome to the wonderful world of ugly mods.

blue Batmobile

Some people want to live in the movies, or just like driving like their favorite movie Car. Blue Car fully converted Car Batmobile want to copy or Transformers rides, but unfortunately, it Is ultimately just a strange-looking Back From the Future Car, or just as today’s unusual Car. No opinion on behalf of law and order, no one knows how to drive thIs thing. As can be seen from the figure, the other driver had stopped to stare at the “beast” on wheels. It Will have its engine of wonder, because the basic model can not be easily guessed. Whether it Is safe or plastic assembly Car?

undercover Lamborghini?

If a person has a little imagination and some money to spend, then Lamborghini has not so difficult. Lamborghini or manufacture pickupThe Car Is that true? No, the fact Is that thIs Car Is a real sports Car fans were made, but he was somewhat ruined Lamborghini name. Why would anyone want to have such a Car? How can the man driving it and realize that everyone Is staring at it out of curiosity rather than believe such a thing possible? Welcome to the world of possibilities. Wheels for muscle Cars, but the front of the vehicle appears to be a strange modification Countach. Those owners with small headlights to see what?