High temperature warning, the car in summer air conditioning can escape to cause death? Expert: really Is not scary

In recent years, Car ownership in U.S. that Is rIsing, owed much to enhance the national economic level, driven to enhance the quality of life of the people at home. That Is, we often say that the prosperity of the country, and we the people of life changed for the better, or else we common people say it simple! Better living standards, we would like to make Is how we live more enjoyable few days. ThIs Is the basic necessities of life since ancient times eternal topic, eat eat, wear warm, but still live in a big house, that it was only the rest of the Car. So buy a Car every household has become the norm in recent years, and thIs Is one of the important reasons in recent years of rIsing Car ownership.

Cars on the people we’ve got used to it, after all, has entered every household things, like get married that year’s Big Three , as watches, bicycles, sewing machines. But Shu Xiao Bian said, some common sense on thIs Car, we all know it? I am afraid it Is not actually! Shock! High temperature warning, the Car in summer air conditioning can escape to cause death? Expert: it really was not sCary

Recently, there have been a farce Kai, a two-Car air conditioning man rest, and eventually even death due to suffocation! Their families Will have to take off the gloves manufacturers selling Cars to court on the grounds “ThIs Car has a problem, others open air rest on nothing, how my family Will be able to break open air accident yet.” Upon hearing the News, Xiao Bian silent but also felt sad! As the saying goes was good, no culture, really terrible. Car air conditioning to sleep would have been cause great harm to the human body, how can you blame the manufacturers do? So only the emergence of thIs article Today, small as a writer Is responsible for the big guys to pass some message.

today a small big guy over here gave popularize summer Car air conditioning precautions! First stop open air seating Is a great mIstake, because install air conditioning equipment in your vehicle, better sealing performance. Once the rest stop air conditioning, air circulation inside and outside the Car, when coupled with the engine idling, gasoline combustion Is not complete, it Will produce Carbon monoxide. While the occupants Will exhale Carbon dioxide, which would drastically reduce the oxygen inside the Car, so occupants do not open the window ventilation, or fell asleep in the Car, it IsProne to choking, Will eventually cause death! ThIs Is a matter of attention, friends must pay attention!

The second proposal Is to small series of summer travel, there are many of my friends stayed on the chart cool Car. Although there are windows open for ventilation, but Xiao Bian want to say thIs Is still not very good, because often do not pay attention to clean up the air conditioning, so the Car air-conditioning pipes bacteria can breed in the Car Will not only be a long time cause dIsease, the Car Is also detrimental rather than beneficial, not only easy to increase fuel consumption, but also lead to Carbon vehicles, which damage the Car.

Finally, for your safety, small advice Is green travel! ThIs Will not only good for the environment, Will be good for your health, it not best of both worlds right? If you have any questions, please leave a message below the comment.