He said the BMW 5 Series and maintenance Is expensive, thIs really true? Older drivers: do not necessarily

[master Car: Car maintenance] BMW 5 Series BMW seems to be the highest vIsibility on the national road, which 523Li highest vIsibility in the BMW 5 Series. Everyone says it Is very expensive BMW Car maintenance, which can not afford. Today, the BMW Masters to give you a detailed analysIs of the maintenance costs of maintenance and see if you think like that exaggerated. Let the master show you.

basic maintenance of the official manual / warranty period Description

currently sold in the US BMW full range of models for the body to provide 2-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, 3-year unlimited mileage warranty paint, the other 12-year warranty, which the vehicle warranty period Is not too long, unlimited mileage with the provIsions of the current domestic and Audi German brand Mercedes-Benz standards consIstent implementation.

on the BMW routine maintenance cycle, according to the manufacturer’s suggested Car service prompted CBS Condition Based Service-oriented, but has not announced a specific number of kilometers to change the oil filter, how much km change air filter, gas filter such requirements. However, in practice, as a convenience to customers, vendors recommend owners to replace every 10,000 km oil filter, oil filter replacement every 30,000 km. As for transmIssion oil and power steering oil are maintenance-free. Antifreeze aspects, BMW said under normal circumstances without having to change, but if there Is leakage or lack of it, added on demand, and replace when necessary.

In addition to the BMW maintenance record manual files, all maintenance records on the vehicle Will be sent to BMW’s internal Web site. All 4S shops can share thIs information. Let’s look at the configuration and maintenance schedule for the BMW 5 Series.

4S shop price given in spare parts and maintenance / periodic table, although the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals are based on prompt-board CBS system, but in order to avoid suggesting the time between maintenance projects due which led to different customer needs back and forth many times the storage of trouble 4S, 4S shops and manufacturers advIse customers every 10,000 kilometers little maintenance once every 30,000 km / k10 /] once

a row60,000 km of driving the BMW 523 in the total maintenance cost Is 11,566 yuan. The data presented herein in other areas may be slightly different. For information purposes only, such as the BMW 523Li total maintenance costs over 60,000 kilometers to 11,566 yuan. While a single small maintenance price Is 1161 yuan, but it Is not cheap, but the cycle Is 10,000 km. If the terms of the maintenance costs 5,000 km, does not dIsguIse a single fee of up to $ 600, Will not be particularly high. Compared with the Audi A6L, even Mercedes-Benz E Volvo S80L, the total price Is relatively cheap.

BMW 5 Series models Service Parts price Part Name Part zero price (yuan) labor costs (yuan) oil

(required capacity : 6.5 L) Harvest lot protective electrode

5w-30: 125 yuan / liter 210, oil filter 163; the air cleaner 276; 795 fuel filter; air filter 390; 156 brake fluid; more expensive Is the front / rear brakes. According to the driver’s driving style and habits, wear very different. In general, the front portion of the brake pad replacement cycle of about 35,000-50,000 kilometers, the rear brakes Will be correspondingly longer. As for the brakes, in principle, after replacing two sets of brake pads, brake dIscs for the third time to replace the brake pads together not only to avoid duplication dIsassembly and reassembly of trouble, but also has the advantage of saving some of the manpower and time for the owners.

Master summary : maintenance of the whole price of the BMW 5 Series, cycles and accessories price, maintenance costs are still acceptable BMW within the range in which a single small basic maintenance costs the equivalent of the Volvo S80L, Cadillac Seville SLS and Audi A6L old and so on. Compared with the maintenance of Audi and Cadillac, BMW maintenance every 5,000 km, while BMW maintenance once every 10,000 kilometers. After the end of thIs article, we Will also Mercedes – Benz E-Class and the new Audi A6L maintenance survey, and compares them with the BMW 5-series, a look at the series of three German luxury brands, who Is the cheapest and the most expensive maintenance costs of large vehicles.