Harbin black ambulance gang monopoly 10 years: thugs, scheduling, transport fake nurse after hospital monopoly

in the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, a hospital specializing in the transport business, “black ambulance” gang quietly operating for 10 years.

start from the intensive Care unit, the patient and family members Will be looking to do business in the gang eyeing. They Will send a small advertIsing Card, leaving the “black ambulance” contact information, the patient was dIscharged also collects information to be kept informed of scheduling, dIspatch personnel within the gang. The regular ambulance outside the gang, they are thugs, they colluded with the hospital security guards kept in the hospital’s gate.

books from the point of view of the gang, only six months, a “black ambulance” earned 47 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

black police detained an ambulance. New York News Reporter Liying Jiang photo

May 1, Nangang DIstrict, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau destroyed the “black ambulance” gang, 23 suspects XingJu. But thIs Is more than a gang in Harbin, only a half months later, Nangang DIstrict, Harbin Medical Branch and in another similar gang destroyed the nearby University Cancer Hospital.

In thIs regard, the Director of Medical AdminIstration, Medical Management Office Wei Jian CommIssion Harbin Yan-sung, the above “black ambulance” gang, with the city’s transport system, inadequate hospital capacity related. In general, throughout the 120 emergency center Will focus more power in terms of pre-hospital Care, investment in the hospital after the relative lack of transport.

“In the hospital transport in thIs area, now there are no specific normative documents, belonging to the laws and regulations of blank areas.” Yan Song believes that thIs virtually as “black ambulance Car “offers living space of the growth.

Case ambulance pull the black gang

to accompany hIs wife to see a doctor Harbin, Heilongjiang Nehe people Zhao Hongjun, never He thought hIs wife would die in the hospital after ambulance transport.

That was the end of May 2019, Zhao Hongjun wife in the first Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “Jin was admitted to a hospital”) in intensive Care in critical condition, Zhao HongjunAnd other family members decided to give up treatment. According to local customs, about the death of the man best able to go home, and relatives see above one last time.

Nehe more than 400 km from Harbin, home to hIs wife in order to be able to find an ambulance pull critically ill patients. Early in the hospital to accompany hIs wife, Zhao Hongjun had received many “ambulance transport services” small advertIsing Card, front read, “Harbin Hong Shun ambulance service centers, patients across the country escort” and contact phone number, overleaf can pick long, short hospital dIscharge transferred, complete suction machine, oxygen, stretcher, breathing bag, breathing and other first-aid facilities, if required, can also increase the health Care special Care.

Zhaohong Jun made the call on the Card needs to be informed Nehe away to 5,000, if the patient died in the Car, plus had 5,000. He felt too expensive, to find an ambulance from hIs home in Nehe, negotiated the price of 4,000 yuan.

“black ambulance” gang Issued to patients and their families advertIsement Card. New York News Reporter Liying Jiang photo

The next day, hIs wife was transferred on a stretcher from the ambulance Nehe off from the intensive Care unit, Zhao Hongjun and two family members to accompany. At the time an ambulance Is about to exit the door to Jin was admitted to a hospital, the hospital security stopped the Car.

Zhao Hongjun told police recalls that, a dozen social workers came up booing, also warned ambulance, “In the future do not come to thIs site, do not tell us fight for a job,” Ha Medical freshman hospital security also chimed across the iron gate. See such a scene, a family member emotional, down from the ambulance and climbed retractable iron gate and security scuffle. At thIs point, Zhao Hongjun wife unfortunately passed away in the Car.

The police task force Chen Chao told the New York News Reporter, after the incident, Zhao Hongjun and other family members called the police, security guards and social workers have been intercepted, said the hospital. When police arrived at the scene, ambulance has been idle workers blocking agents just quickly dIsappeared, someone’s security due to a special vehicle traffic stop in adminIstrative detention. Families are stuck in front of the hospital to be saying, “They believe that the patient died in the ambulance, and delay the trip-related.” Chen Chao said.

The police investigation found that security, social workers blocked an ambulance because their families prior dialed telephone on transport small ads, but because did not agree on the price, and from the outside to find an ambulance. Police thIs analysIs, Jin was admitted to a hospital patient transport market Is likely to be gang monopoly on the small ads.

To thIs end, the transfer of the postal street station hospital records alarm 10 years, screened field from the ambulance Is thwarted 5, punctures and other clues. Police records show that these cases are mostly suffered threatened field ambulance to pick the patient, lead to conflict, but the victim did not prove injury assessment, case closed after police were on the spot to leave their mediation.

Chen Chao said, after the above-mentioned cases and more comprehensive judgments, the police believe that there Is a monopoly of the features of the gang, and started investigation.

2020 May 1, Nangang DIstrict, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau stroke take away thIs entrenched in HMU a hospital ambulance black gang, Zhang Xiaobin, in Generali, Chi Feng Wong and other 23 suspects arrested for the crime of forced trading under criminal detention. When most

, there have been 20 “black ambulance”

According to Chen Chao introduced, the gang The primary members are Zhang Xiaobin, nicknamed “the youngest.”

In 2008, Zhang Xiaobin came from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Jin was admitted to a hospital near a farm, do some initial selling lunch, small business like mineral water, and later in intensive Care to help people “dry white matter” for the dead body scrub mortician.

a hospital worker familiar with Zhang Xiaobin introduction, Zhang Xiaobin although only primary school education, but my mind Emmanuel. After a hodgepodge of things to do for a year, he found that many patients require intensive Care from hospital to home transport service, then buy a van, to start a business after hospital transport.

that time, Jin was admitted to a nearby hospital there are many vehicle operators engaged in similar activities, open mostly private van. As long as the Car rear seats removed, placed on a stretcher, body spray of a Red Cross emblem, private Cars become “ambulance.” Catch up with the roadPatients far, transit trip to earn a lot of money.

said Chen Chao, Zhang Xiaobin started going to row, because with their peers undercut played a few frames, then gradually establIshed a foothold.

According to a hospital staff funeral services introduced, Zhang Xiaobin gradually entrenched in a nearby hospital after Jin was admitted to a hospital under the command of their own to win over transit vehicles, freight forwarding from each vehicle rake. Vehicles such as a ventilator, 12 dollars per kilometer tariff, the owners have 9 million, Zhang Xiaobin pumping three yuan; the cot vehicle freight 8 yuan per kilometer, the owners have $ 6, Zhang pumping 2 million; only in Harbin the transfer of patients within the city limits vehicle charges 6 yuan per kilometer, Card draw 1 yuan.

In addition, Zhang Xiaobin also charge 2000-2500 yuan ranging from cost to the owners each year. Su Cheng gang members told the New York News Reporter, Zhang said the money was a gift to the hospital during the holidays, but what it really deliver, the owner did not know.

“Most of the time, the gang has 20 black ambulance, eight breathing machine, 16 stretcher bed can be long dIstances. By May of thIs year, we seized the vehicle involved a total of 13, the majority of individuals unauthorized modification of black ambulance. “Chen Chao said.

“black ambulance” within the configuration of the ECG and other medical equipment. New York News Reporter Liying Jiang photo

June 25, New York News Reporter saw police seized the vehicle involved, the Red Cross emblem printed on the body or medical institutions, or printed with snake stick mark, the Car has a stretcher, oxygen bottles, Cardiac monitors, ventilators and other medical equipment, the Car Is also equipped ambulance lights. Chen Chao said that the ambulance lights, alarm devices are gang members from the online black market purchase.

In thIs regard, a junior guard health committee official told the New York News Reporter, from the vehicle Is equipped with a variety of medical equipment point of view, their business has been part of medical treatment range. According to the State Council in February 2016 to modify the “medical institution regulations”, any unit or individual, not made “medical institution” shall not Carry out treatment activities.

According to Chen Chao, apart from individual privatelyModified black ambulance outside, there are 13 vehicles involved two Cars were regIstered (referred to as “beneficiary hospital” under) human bone dIsease hospital in Harbin Yi limited liability company, Harbin Harbin-Dalian clinic name, the suspects confessed Department “personal vehicle leasing the hospital.”

June 27, beneficiary Hospital Director of the Office Tanling Min told the New York News Reporter, the hospital Is no such number plate of the vehicle. “EnterprIse Xinbao” platform show, Harbin Harbin-Dalian clinic was incorporated in October 2012, operating range of internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, traditional Chinese medicine and so on, after the October 2019 cancellation.

Lanhuo, thugs, dIspatchers, a no shortage of

evidence police retrieved the show, in 2009 , Zhang Xiaobin regIstered in Harbin Kangshun ambulance service center, specializing in the hospital after Jin was admitted to a hospital in the transport business. In front of a group of people still in the hospital Tieling Street 73 unit rented a house as a temporary office space. However, due to the company fails inspection, the business sector was canceled in 2016.

inside the the company’s personnel divIsion of labor Is very clear. According to Chen Chao introduced, weekdays, named Ma gang members responsible for various departments in the hospital, ambulance ward Issuing small ads; sell shroud next to the intensive Care unit, grocery supplies deng, the first time be able to obtain the patient’s family needs transport messages, responsible for docking with the family and to solicit business; Zhang Xiaobin cousin Zhao receives transport demand from Dengmou Department, and the “black ambulance” rostering, scheduling vehicle.

In addition, gang members and others in Generali’s main job Is to deal with foreign ambulances, to intimidate them, smashed. If they put people wounded or wounded people, Zhang Xiaobin communication Will come forward, Ping lose money thing.

June 26, ambulance drivers Zhaoyuan County of Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, Wang Shoufu recalled to New York News Reporter, when in 2019, he was commIssioned by the family members of patients went to Jin was admitted to a then dIscharged hospital patients. At that time, Wang Shoufu inpatient ambulance arrived downstairs, he was surrounded by a group of eight people and warned that “foreign inside the ambulance can only give it away, can not access.”

“Then I did not know thIs requirement, but also the patient’s family about the CarThey think I do not lIsten to advice on meal chaos hit. “After Wang Shoufu alarm, in time for the batterer to the police fled the scene before, Wang Shoufu thIs Will be away to the patient about the Car.

” Black Ambulance Car “gang organization chart. Nangang DIstrict, Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau courtesy

in order to occupy Jin was admitted to a hospital, from the beginning of 2016, Deputy MinIster of Security Department late hospital Fengming, Officer Koushi Hong financed bought two Cars, also pulled into the hospital after Zhang Xiaobin the transport team.

late Fengming, Koushi Hong Is responsible for the hospital door handle, after foreign hospital transport ambulance bay. in return, they Will be able to pull the vehicle do not live to Zhang Xiaobin pay management fees, dIspatchers can be assigned to “good living.”

“general , the transport of live far away Is good, because more money. “June 25, within the gang responsible for the scheduling of places Cheng told New York News Reporter, explained to Zhang Xiaobin, many live far away was assigned to the late Fengming, the vehicle Kou Shihong, while the other Is good living” pull living dead “, the most money, most of them assigned to at Generali’s Car, because only hIs thugs to quell that kind of scene.

Chen Chao said police seized when arrested in Tadatoshi a pocket book, a record of hIs name a “black ambulance” business case, only the first half of 2019 on income of 470,000 yuan.

“sit From “

Su Cheng said the gang transported patients, who are generally signed an agreement with the hospital to give up treatment,” because even if thIs patient died in transit, we do not take rIsks. “

Nevertheless, patients or their families may still need medical attendant counterparts, in order to solve thIs part of the demand, Zhang Xiaobin gang can provide appropriate services.” If families need a doctor lorry and nurses, again subject to 2 yuan per kilometer. “Su Cheng said.

These” health Care workers on the black ambulance “Is also false. Zhang Xiaobin told police account, they Will temporarily recruit some so-called doctors and nurses from the Internet, these people do not have thePhysician qualifications, nurse practitioner certificate, followed by a trip to live as long as a few hundred dollars, I did go, no long-term cooperation.

Jin was admitted to a hospital but an insider told the New York News Reporter, the gang has a man named Liu, long-term play fake nurse. In escort on the way, there Is Liu over-treatment, arbitrary collection of fees service, he witnessed once.

2016, the above-mentioned insider to accompany a friend to send patients dIscharged home, was originally supposed to Shuangyashan City from Harbin price of 4,000 yuan. But the patient Will be lobbying the families of the Car Liu oxygen, suction and later as a patient, got the idea electroCardiogram monitor. When a patient home afterwards, in addition to 4000 yuan escort fee, and the fee charged total of more than 4,000 yuan. Although the families of dIssatIsfaction, but still pay the money.

Chen Chao introduced, found evidence to the police the victim in thIs case, patients have died in transit. When thIs happens, Zhang Xiaobin gang of black ambulance immediately stop, sit fare, usually in double talk on good transport prices. For example, on a good initial charges 4,000 yuan, after the death of a patient subject to 4,000 yuan, “they said, we are an ambulance, not a hearse.” Said Chen Chao, a similar situation, the police has been found three cases.

June 25, had been “black ambulance” gang monopoly transport services Jin was admitted to a hospital. New York News Reporter Liying Jiang photo

June 26, New York News Reporter Zhang Xiaobin and others on the “black ambulance” gang Issue Contact Jin was admitted to a hospital. The hospital security department MinIster Li Zhiguo said that before the 2019 clashes black ambulance, he ran for the delay in the Issue of black ambulance Fengming did not know. Since then, he knowing the circumstances and the late Fengming conversation, she asked him to no longer participate in the black ambulance incident, but no later than lIsten to hIs advice.

July 1, Jin was admitted to a hospital staff member told the New York News Reporter Publicity Bureau, asked the House leadership after the matter Will be replied. But as of press time, the hospital did not respond.

According to Chen Chao said the Control Yuan Harbin City CommIssion for DIscipline Inspection has been involved in the above-mentioned “black ambulance” incident investigation behind Zhang Xiaobin et al.Umbrella.

after hospital transport supply and demand imbalance

In Harbin, similar to the “black ambulance” post-hospital transport monopoly business Is not the case.

June 15, Nangang DIstrict Public Security Bureau has destroyed entrenched in Cancer Hospital of Harbin Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “Harbin Medical University Hospitals”) “black ambulance” gang .

The case members of the panel told the New York News Reporter Wu Baoguo, which Is a principal with Lixin Wu for the gang of nine people, organizational structure, monopoly model Is almost identical with Zhang Xiaobin gangs. The difference Is that gang members including Harbin Medical University Hospitals in preparing a formal nurse.

Lixin Wu gang not only within Harbin Medical University Hospitals intercept foreign hospital after Car transporter, also had to chase out of the hospital. Wu Baoguo said that in 2016, one patient Harbin Medical University Hospitals of foreign transport ambulance ride after dIscharge, Is normal highway driving, gang members driving “black ambulance” along the way to catch up, overtake, do not, reverse impact patients by ambulance. Until the families to the police, the accident “black ambulance” was agreed not to compete for patients, both sides left on their own.

“We found a lot of ‘black ambulance’ victim of gang do not want to testify, they said, was to have been 120 for help, looking for regular ambulance transport, but 120 did not able to the timely provIsion of services. “said Chen Chao, the victim said,” black ambulance “Although high fees, but after a timely manner, the solution of their urgent needs.

June 26, New York News Reporter called the 120 emergency center in Harbin, asked whether the ambulance can be transfer of patients. The operator said that the day of the long-dIstance transport of medical personnel and ambulances have been sent out in, if the Car Is required then the next day the telephone booking line.

In thIs regard, the Director of Medical AdminIstration, Medical Management Office Wei Jian CommIssion Harbin Yan Song told the New York News Reporter, now medical Care, the exIstence of post-hospital Care can not meet the needs of patients The problem. Such as 120 emergency center city a total of 90 ambulances, hospital emergency protection before 72, after 18 vehicles (seven long, 11 urban areas) Is responsible for hospital transfer.

Yan Song said, according to revIsed data, the hospital should be increased by 20 ambulances transported on the exIsting basIs, in order to solve the basic problem of supply and demand balance. Currently, the government has appointed Wei Jian Report Request Car, recruiting staff and other future plans to establIsh a separate hospital after 120 transport platform.

June 26, Harbin Medical University Hospitals. New York News Reporter Liying Jiang photo

In other parts of the country, the hospital medical institutions there are also transport supply and demand. February 2014, the former State Planning CommIssion has Issued health “before hospital medical emergency management approach”, but hospital transport management remains blank.

In thIs regard, December 10, 2019, the National Health health committee in the State Department’s official website said in reply to message users, are working on the development of relevant normative documents of non-emergency patient transport, access standard, clear non-emergency patient transport service range, while encouraging the country to Carry out active exploration of the non-emergency transport to work.

in the above reply message said, in April 2019, the 120 dIspatch center New York launched the “96120” dIscharged line, alone accepted, seconded special vehicles to transport non-emergency patients to go home, on the business acceptance, vehicle scheduling to achieve the peel and emergency services. In addition, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province non-emergency transport of patients defined as socialization Issues, government-backed long-dIstance transportation company set up a non-emergency transport agencies, engaged in non-emergency patient transport social service.

Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Is also promoting the transport of the School of Social and market-oriented.

in December 2019, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Planning CommIssion, former guard in the “Wenzhou network of political platform,” the official website said that time, the hospital after Wenzhou Jikang escort Co., Ltd., Wenzhou JK after the hospital escort service Co., Ltd. and a number of non-medical hospital after transport company already regIstered in the business sector, transport work Is developing in the direction of the market after the hospital.

In addition, the Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government from 2013 on the establIshment of a joint system of governance illegal ambulance, clarified the responsibilities of public security, health, transportation, industrial and commercial sectors, multi-sectoral joint control illegal ambulance.

The New York News Reporter Liying Jiang Harbin reported

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