Happily 120,000 to buy tiggo 8, 2000 km before opening, the owners have a lot to say

REVIEW: Why spend 120,000 to buy tiggo 8? Opened three months, the owner: I just want to say three words!

the most satIsfactory

Tiggo 8 Is the first Car of your own home, but also the first Car in hIs life, so also much family expectations, in September to buy the Car, he opened there are more than three months, the feeling Is deeper, the entire Car down left me deeply impressed where there are many, the first Is speed sense of pushing back, traffic lights and speed overtaking Is basically a light foot oil on the road [door thing, power out immediately, without pressure, I do not give him the Car looked down on the gas, the other Is very satIsfied with the place appearance, Tiggo 8 appearance too eye-catching, whether it Is a dIstance or close look also quite beautiful, especially the tail of the Car, the entire LED taillights at night when the lights are very good-looking, it Is also very fond of design Tiggo 8 appearance.

most dIssatIsfied

three months down, we did not find any small problems, condition because it Is also the reason the new Car, basically open up also very comfortable, very bumpy noIse Is small, the overall comfort Is quite good, if you really want to say where fuel consumption Is not satIsfied with the current open almost down to almost 10 grid oil, I drove quite Carefully, there Is no violence, driving habits, although in the run-in period, but the feeling still a little high fuel consumption, currently there Is no reason to find.


opened almost more than 2000 kilometers, basically commuting. Although New York here a little block, similar to the current fuel consumption of about 9.5, like the Internet, said ratio Is slightly higher, and he had no accurate estimates. Barely accept it.


comfort level Is very high, although domestic Cars but own it feels better than a lot of joint drive poor, new Car inside either atmosphere or smell Is also doing relatively well, basically you smell what the smell, Tiggo site 8 debugging do notWrong, basically what the urban asphalt road bumps, the situation Is almost a little traffic there Is no big problem, open up very comfortable, parcel seat Is also high, a full leather seat Is on the grade, touch it Is quite have the feel, and the case for a long time to sit, there Is no fatigue.


dynamic, Is my most satIsfying, at the beginning he still hold a little concern, because at that time I said sales and Is the largest dIsplacement of 1.6T, hIs heart feeling a bit of the first, the day after completion of the test drive really makes me even more locked up, but the power of small dIsplacement that Is not really small especially when starting speed throttle to go, very real, I feel very power and push back enough.


Is the time to buy their own top with basically the configuration has panoramic sunroof Is my favorite one configuration, also with electronic gear Is also very easy, very fast shift, Fangxiang Ying really like leather, feels very comfortable texture, there are a lot of function keys above myself groping for a long time basically. Some on the right function keys gave groping through, and very easy to use, 5 stars.


space Tiggo 8 personal feeling Is very superior, take the space in front of the very rich, I have a 1 meter 82 tall and weighing 160. sitting in the front row have completely suppressed, and operation of oil [door when the legs stretch Is absolutely no problem, dIstance from both sides of the seat Is also very abundant, not sit for a long time Will be particularly tired, trunk space has always been I want to say, a large open space Is a special, usually their own are generally put some daily necessities in the back, basically there are a lot of space do not have access, what a journey I do not even worry about it.


appearance Tiggo 8 Is made Cars in stunning to me at first glance, whether it Is far from look at or near the Tiggo 8 are quite beautiful, Is not only doing better shape, body paint and all that specialBright, including Car styling design of the tail and he Is very much, very sports style. The trunk Is thrown open, including two rear decorative grille, also behind the shape of the tail looked very atmospheric.


interior more general, are basically soft plastic used, thIs Is done quite take heart, the smell Is relatively small, there Is no basic new Car smell smell, a bit Is the only rear cup holders sometimes have abnormal sound.


their home first SUV, selected TIGGO 8 also did not let me down, the overall cost Is very high Car. If you choose the first Car, I recommend you buy. Because of the large space, power Is also strong. !

Why did you choose thIs Car

gave birth to the baby, the original electric Car ride after work on their own means of transport without any problems, but also to buy a Car has been a matter within the scheme, the family must buy a Car, and hIs wife to dIscuss a long time, taking into account its own budget problems, I want to buy a slightly higher configuration, low-configuration Car up really fun to drive too low, then fix your attention to the above-made Cars, a friend recommended the Tiggo 8 said it was great that he came local shop, the first thing Will come in fancy, after several rounds of bargaining, and ultimately the satIsfaction of the Tiggo 8 to win. For buying thIs Car Tiggo 8, I just want to say three words: do not regret