Hangzhou major 4S shop opened one after another to buy a car, maintenance you pay attention to what?

Zhejiang Online News dated February 17 (Zhejiang Online Reporter Fan Guofei) Hangzhou Zhang Chen received two days before the resumption of work notification unit, a busy new year began today. But that he was some anxiety that the Car insurance has been almost a month, only received notice 4S shop opened, he can apply again and again time to drive to maintenance.

affected by the epidemic, most of the 4S shop in Hangzhou Will be scheduled opening time delay for half a month later. Buying a Car, maintenance and what happens? 4S shop taken protective measures after opening? Reporters were vIsited.

February 17, Hangzhou, Ling-off collar grams Center was officially opened to return to work. Opening the first day, the people did not shop as much as the same period in previous years.

“Reducing the Spring Festival during the main a lot of customers out of the Car, maintenance requirements are not particularly high. Now the maintenance shop are some of the client before an appointment, later Will slowly recover. “Ling-off collar grams Marketing Director Center Venus said,” At present, whether it Is buying a Car or after-sale maintenance, need to make reservations in advance. “

Two days ago, BMW Hangzhou Yuantong treasure shop also it opened, according to the vaccination requirements, arrange the store every day 30 staff work.

“We shop all employees are measured daily body temperature, all wearing masks in the post personnel, dIsinfect with hand washing or alcohol, to ensure that all staff health posts. In addition, all customers may contact place, location, the tool Will be thoroughly dIsinfected. “Hangzhou Yuantong treasure store AllIson, director of marketing, told Reporters store to do a full range of dIsinfection protection, customers want to create a safe and comfortable service experience.

It Is understood, Hangzhou major Car brands 4S shop two days after another opened, in addition to the Automotive beauty, film, Car washes and other services, other services returned to normal. During thIs time, if you have the relevant business needs of the vehicle, you can call the 4S shop consulting appointment.