Hang a few points garage, an inattentive you Will be pit!

now to the 4S shop, sales Will be very place you go to the lounge area, you just need to enjoy the massage chairs in there, drink a few cups of tea, take a break, you can see that they have been good maintenance baked Car, originally well, such a service should be pretty good, reflecting the people-oriented service principal 4S, but finIshed in a bad reputation Will be ruined 4S, the master craft seemingly did not imagine so good, a few times drivers after the parts are to find themselves the new replacing the old, but the problem or maintenance Car accident, lounge owners as it was a trap area – you sent away I was not trying to do what my Car? You think only I say that right?

Now many people buy a Car, a cascade effect, also led to the development of thriving Car repair workshop. Many Car owners Will give regular maintenance, fault or what Will be the Car to a repair shop repair, but you really so rest assured that the Car repair shop on the night? Very often send the Car to be repaired, some stores Will recommend the Car stood overnight to be a detailed inspection, many owners would not hesitate nodded, but thIs one Is full of routine ah!

Many users have tried to repair the Car in the factory overnight, but afterwards always felt a lot of problems, a lot of repair works Is a black abyss, your Car Is hidden rules yet?

User A: The Car was rub spent, for repair shop for maintenance, repair works on the night, the next day to repair, a few kilometers there Is no change, no oil change Is still a four-frame oil, then drive to work as usual, but only three days less the two fuel cells, Is simply incredible, not too fast, not like thIs before, whether it Is deceives it Is not a repair shop!

Some manufacturers usually processed at data on fuel consumption trip computer, the actual fuel consumption of 12 liters into the table shows 9.5 liters, so you can see the actual fuel consumption data Is not necessarily true, such as the recent heated debate about the hubbub of the Great Wall Motor.

that we count how fuel it, the easiest way Is to mileage and refuelingAmount, do the math average fuel consumption.

Some Car tachometer Will be allowed, a lot of people, especially gay men of power demanding, but if you drive a Car powered bad, upshifts, downshifts are belated, for them, must have felt very awkward, at thIs time if the tachometer shift “performance” good point, it Is estimated we all know it can be at least a little uncomfortable.

With the Automotive industry increasingly intense competition, each 4S shop selling Cars seized by profit very meager, more rebates by manufacturers and sale repair and maintenance to make money, resulting in Automotive repair and maintenance traps and hidden rules clouds, dIsorderly phenomena, faithful Car accidentally caught up.

exaggerate the failure problems, Fudge a “package-style service.”

people’s subconscious tremendous impact on your decIsions, 4S shop maintenance service personnel familiar with thIs. Obviously just underbody screw loose Issued by abnormal sound, exaggerating problems affecting the system for a life safety, flicker you come to a so-called preferential “maintenance packages” to get the original one hundred ten, the result of a “package” one thousand pieces go , and Auto repair workers have to thank the people to detect problems.