Guy with 90,000 to buy a BMW 5 Series, at the suggestion of the master repair the car apart to sell 200,000

have money to buy luxury Cars, while luxury Cars can bring their own full of “face”, but also to withstand the loss of more than 200,000 a year decline in value, but, it says, but can afford to buy luxury Cars, who Cares about the Issue price does not fall, these are only those of the hands of a luxury Car just enough money, but to buy a Car, and a little dIstressed people!

young man surnamed Li, Baoding recently, but has said he picked up the treasure, turned out to be 90,000 to buy a a BMW 5 Series 09, I feel nothing particularly surprIsing, results Li said the value of thIs Car can bring more than 90,000.

“blue sky day” of the BMW 5 Series, we have been very familiar, served as BMW’s sales, the number of occurrences in the public eye a lot, but although common, but the price of money Is still a lot of people can not afford, although the 5 Series now has a joint venture, but the price Is still required after the joint venture 430,000 started, many people are far behind

According to Li said!: in the beginning of their budget Is about 100,000, buy a family Car, then do not dare to think himself able to drive thIs BMW 5 Series luxury Cars, and thIs Is perhaps the BMW 5-series destined to it, leading to they own thIs BMW, thIs BMW Is hIs boss, and the boss there are times outside entertainment, the boss a drink, to send home when the boss.

found in the owner’s garage thIs BMW, saw it two more than their own boss saw it, say like 90,000 sell it to you, at the beginning Mike did not believe, after all, BMW, although old, but that should still be very expensive! but the boss said 90,000 had himself recently been planning to buy a Car, Why not spend Prices also own a luxury Car dreams come true? so thIs Car went to Li hand inside.

sleepwalk got thIs BMW Li, can be described as pocketed the face, though old, but after all, BMW, BMW on the Car standard value also tens of thousands of pieces, opened about a month, but an unexpected thing happened, thIs BMW beat the fire, and called over to the trailer, drag a friend repair shop, a friend told him the engine needs overhaul, at least hundreds of thousands, instrument allows Li to get depressed, and he also had thousands of dollars, to buy him, and now looking back Car owner, it Is not appropriate, after all, the people they work hand inside.

While unable to do anything, Mike repair shops friend gave him an idea, not put accessories apart to sell, Mike also want to sell quickly, at least you can pay a little less, the results turned out to be a friend Li accessories sold a total of 200,000 under thIs thinking also lose money, but it finally has made money, although made money but Mike can not buy second-hand luxury Car, one hundred thousand to buy a family Car.

Although the old models of luxury Cars, very cheap, but with no prepared mind, then, or do not buy, even if the old, but still hanging. ” luxury Cars “in the title, Is still very expensive repairs, although thIs time Mike luck, but not everyone can have such good luck, we must do what!