Guy found a BMW 3 Series car accident in the repair shop, the owner: 30,000 go home to open their own repair!

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guy found a BMW 3 Series Car accident in the repair shop, the owner : 30000 open home, their own repair!

With the rapid development of society and the progress of science and technology, people’s living standard has also been a good way to improve. Now almost every household has a Car of their own home. Private Cars has now become a very common thing. Unlike the past, only the kind of very rich people have their own Car. Now even the well-off families can have a Car, but not the kind of luxury Car. Now the Car gradually became a symbol of identity and status of the people, so we requested for the Car Is also increasing. Luxury Cars and ordinary Cars the gap Is still very large, so now a lot of people in the pursuit of luxury Cars. For these people, even second-hand luxury Car Is not related. ThIs does not, some time ago, a guy New York Mr. Liu repair shop found a BMW 3 Series Car accident, the owner said: 30000 open home, their own repair.

BMW 3 Series Car BMW series in a better Car, a lot of people trying to make money Is to be able to buy a Car like thIs to open. The Car’s appearance Is the kind of elegant and stylIsh type. Front and rear are used a lot more fashionable element, make the Car look more youthful. Interior design Is more sophIsticated, there Is a strong sense of science and technology, but also gives the driver and passengers people are very strong sense of belonging. Good leather material interior material Is also used, it feels great. NoIse effects are also very good, sitting in the Car, as long as those loud voice Is substantially shut out the window can not hear. The Car has been lIsted riders Will get a lot of love.

It Is reported that Liu himself: Mr. Liu was born in New York, New York also grew. But Mr. Liu family Is not very rich, but in New York, Is one of those poorer families. A child, Mr. Liu small partners often ridiculed, laughed at him there was no money, he could only smile wear cheap clothes and shoes. Mr. Liu once also because thIs matter and where a children’s fight. returnAfter Bianxiang home crying mother about the incident. Mr. Liu’s mother was a very gentle woman, she told Mr. Liu: You do not Care about how others see you, you just have to remind ourselves of these as a whip, to make their work harder, be more diligent. One day you Will become the envy of all of them.

Mr. Liu has been the mother’s words in mind. Since then, Mr. Liu began to alienate those who love to laugh at my little friend, himself a man quietly efforts. Later, Mr. Liu rely on their own efforts to successfully admitted to a very good university. Mr. Liu at the university while doing part-time, while serious reading. Through the efforts, Mr. Liu has been able to save a lot of money. Junior summer vacation, Liu himself alone in the school summer vacation work. He helped the boss in a Car repair shop to do some things they can do, hIs boss Is also very good.

One day, a child Car owners to be pulled. ThIs Is a BMW 3 Series Car accident, there was a traffic accident, many places have some damage. The owners wanted the Car to pull over the Car when it repaired to continue to open, but he saw Mr. Liu looks like thIs Car very interested. It would be for Mr. Liu said: If you like it, I can sell you 30,000 dollars to start hIs own back for repair. Liu think of those subject to ridicule as a child, that if by their own efforts to buy a Car back to get themselves in front of those who can not it be a gas exports. Mr. Yu Shiliu put the Car bought it.

Xiaobian Summary: In fact, do not agree with Mr. Liu’s practice when urinating. Because thIs Is a Car accident, there Is a big security rIsk, even if repaired, or unsafe. Mr. Liu Is to let people see for themselves Will come true with the Car bought it, thinking simply not been good. Xiao Bian think buying a Car Is a good thing to be Careful.