Grandmother painting with paint in the car, after seeing the finIshed product, users: I give out thIs wave operation

Most people can now also called Car owners, but the Car Is an expensive thing, after all, so most of the people Will comparIson of protection, where some fear knock bumped, after all, Is now repairing a Car Is not cheap ah, of course, like the inside of a recent report for their own Car owners Will let others kneel down to apologize in person Is also still very Go too far. But today Is the protagonIst in the Car directly above the start of the case, and the raw materials used or paint, which Is really the owners want to feel bad dead!

grandmother in the Car drew up to? Turned out to be a Peony, there are even a few characters, it seems that the grandmother Is actually practiced Yeah, there are two next thing. The grandmother has a very peony with color layering, what put the rich peony flower charm expressed. Grandma hands still holding a bucket of red paint, apparently himself in painting, above the words we all know “wealth and good fortune,” compared with such a wonderful blessing, even if the owner Is angry again Will forgive thIs painting grandmother’s paintings.

ThIs Is to give the Car painting grandmother, saw the Car design, no one feel bad for the owners, after all, like there Is such a beautiful decorative features probably money can not buy, not to mention you do not have to pay under the netizen commented: thIs wave operation I give out! But in fact, ah thIs Is also the owner of the Car Is the grandmother’s son, no wonder grandmother dare bold use of paint to paint it, even if it Is not Careful not to draw a good moment does not matter, after all, Is hIs son. Really an expert in civil ah, with thIs single-handedly craft, grandmother where it Will be very popular, but her son was able to take such a Car for her to draw, it must be a very dutiful person, probably not grandmother would call out to work, as long as enough with good fortune at home, or occasionally then draw what else to cultivate sentiments, so that they can pass the pass the time. Grandma said to have retired, just bored at home, stay inside so they do something else to eliminate leIsure.

Xiao Bian think at a young age to learn a littleSomething Is still very good, like the grandma, until old age when you can rely on thIs to pass the time, perhaps even be able to earn a pension, I saw thIs picture when there Is not a finIshed map in the following few friends commented on, how much money we can give them thIs painting a, it seems there are still many people appreciate the grandmother of thIs unique painting Yeah, can not wait to actually starts, but the painting Is estimated grandmother like thIs Will only give hIs son painting it, or so many people, my grandmother’s older, but too much of it!