Grandfather: I have taken the car, more than half are so bad

Is now getting better and better quality Cars, collIsion damage and vehicle age in addition to aging, other problems are because the owners of the Car caused by a bad habit:

1. direct ignition key plug

inserted the key and the vehicle, direct ignition, Guadang leave. I believe thIs Is the habit of action of many owners. However, thIs Is wrong bad habits, Will shorten battery life, causing difficulty in starting the engine, prompting coke production. Energizing the shift key Is generally divided into the LOCK (lock), the ACC (ON appliances portion), the ON (all electrical power Is turned on the vehicle, the computer starts the self-test), the START (starter ON, the Car). The correct way to use the self-test Is done on the electrical gear ON, then the Car ignition. If a key Is how to start the vehicle to complete the self-test? Do not step on the brake pedal to the Car, press a key to start button for about 3 seconds after the release began self-test, and another six seconds can hit the brakes started.

2. Brakes, clutch-gear would not step in the end

Car Is not parked on the shift, bad habits Is a lot of human exIstence. ThIs mode of operation Is not a small impact on the gearbox, once in a while may not affect the vehicle twice to long Will cause damage to the gearbox where the gear irreversible time. In addition, the clutch manual transmIssion vehicle does not shift on foot in the end, it tends to fight tooth and damage the transmIssion, so that temper again urgent need not worry at thIs time!

3. Flameout do with air conditioning

the details of the most easily forgotten, such as not related to air-conditioning on the flame, so Will form a great load on the starter and start the engine at the next vehicle, these components may be damaged. The best way Is to turn off the first twelve minutes before closure of air; start the vehicle after two or three minutes until the engine Is lubricated, then turn on the air.

4. The combination switch operation frequently

unknown faithful Car or absence of such experience, the light appears Shanshe You can experience a child playingShooting thrill of the game, people feel good about themselves, but it increases the chances of frequent switching combination switch damaged. Since the moment when the switch Is turned on, the current through the switch contacts Is much higher than usual, in the half-engaged halved ignition state, the contacts can be able to burn spark.

5, killing the steering wheel

direction and killed by Car, do not even hear the sound of the collIsion Is not bottoming give up bad habits Is a lot of owners, but Will often killed by Car steering wheel in the direction booster pump lossy, a long time Will exacerbate the aging booster pump belt, booster pump Is broken, also have an impact on the direction of the machine.

6, forgetting to turn off the wiper blade

wiper motor burnout thing encountered Comparative northern friends, more often after the rain the day before driving a wiper snow parking forgot to turn off. The next morning a launch vehicle, can be frozen wiper it has not been informed, eventually leading wiper motor burned. If the next start Is sunny, the front stopper inevitably accumulated layer of dust on sand, often dry wiping, can cause damage to the rubber wiper, windshield even scratches.

7, under the hot sun washing

days and pick up the children, the Car Is parked in the outdoor hot sun, many Car owners too hot, they should have the Car to a nearby Car wash to wash. But such damage to the body paint Is great, so often lead to accelerated aging of the paint, cracked. And if the Car ran just went high-speed Car wash, there may even hurt the tires.

8, fuel tank bottom before

said electronic products rechargeable battery Is used extended life, lIsten to rumors driver friends like waiting after fuel warning lights come on. Because EFI Car fuel pump are relying on fuel to cool itself, if the oil level Is too low, the situation Is likely to overheat and even burn the oil pump appear, please do not try to be smart, my friend!

9, parking unevenness

now tight parking spaces, a lot of time to stop, only to stop at uneven places. But thIs long-term parking, Will lead four gap Is too large, resulting in dIstortion of the frame, and even affect the closed door. In addition, non-normal parking spaces, parking wheel often can not back positive, Will hurt the steering rod and dust cover, affect the steering system.

10. The long hot Car

about the hot Car online should not have to argue, in fact, under the current repairer process, hot Car has not necessary. But there are still many owners have the habit of hot Cars, hot Car even for a long time, so that over time, engines, catalytic converters are affected, but also a waste of oil and pollute the environment. If the Car alight, more than 1 minute, proposals must be stalled.

not to do good, small and whom not to be evil. If your Car love to make small problems, maybe that Is related with these habits. Although not required major repairs, but also suck ah, or usually pay attention to the point, the Car keep a Car-hearted!