Grandfather broke the News: on car maintenance, these unknown “insider”, you know?

For questions on Car maintenance, I believe that many owners would like to have a heart, for example, each time you change the oil has a surplus, it should be if not handled? Garage to change our oil true? Garages Will not be excessive maintenance on my Car or charged more than my expenses? …… Today small to put the hearts of everyone you want to answer it.

each time you change the oil has a surplus, Is how to deal with?

thIs need Points, if the remaining more generally recommended that owners away, keep the next use. In general, oil unopened shelf life Is generally five years, have been opened if the oil Is stored properly, it can usually save about one year, but to be safe, it Is recommended to be used within six months. If the surplus Is relatively small, the owner Is also not clear, it Will be placed in the garage.

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then the remaining oil and more, how to save? immediately after opening archive: As we all know, unscrew the vial of oil after packaging, the bottle has a rugged aluminum foil foreclosed. So we after opening the oil, but also quickly caught the bottle with a plastic film, and tighten the cap.

Selected cool place to save: To re-oil sealed in a dry cool place, we must ensure that it Is not prepared to the sun, to avoid oxidation reaction.

Never before use Shake: oil opened and after standing for some time, they Will be mixed with water or impurities, and even produce gum molecule. When you add to the engine, do not drink the same as the oil shake, not to completely pour engine, let the water and impurities, sleep forever in the bottom right.

garage to change our oil true?

false oil generally generic manufacturers brands, exquIsite packaging printing, oil body color with genuine no different, if not difficult to dIstinguIsh between true and false comparIson. Price Is generally about 50% genuine. So owners need to know how to tell the oil

Tell oil small way: [ . 1 oil cap View: an outer edge of the cover Is generally neat oil quality level, the closing cap Is dIsposable lid, if found to rough oil cap, there Is no opening “easy pull” ring, but directly twIst-open, big oil Is back filled with possibility. . 2 see the security code of the bowl: machine oil drums body genuine security code Is clear. Oil may not have false security standard code, even if there Is very vague, easy to erase. Many regular oil manufacturers Will provide a variety of security authentication methods, such as anti-counterfeiting labels, security dimensional code, product serial numbers, special logos, official website, customer service calls, SMS verification, and so on. As long as the intentions of confirmation, Will be able to avoid buying fake oil. . 3 see drums work material: material genuine work fully and clearly, counterfeit goods are generally burr, feels uneven. . 4 smelled, touch vIscosity: true tasteless oil, wax crystal that little fragrance; false Sauvignon irritating oil. Oil with vIscosity grade, vIscosity at room temperature feel small, poor quality oil than sticky feel, touch has brushed phenomenon.

Speaking after these identification methods, Xiao Bian also reminded, with genuine oil sales to the regular store to buy the best, but require an invoice to leave evidence.

Will not be excessive maintenance garage for my Car or charged more than my expenses?

ThIs situation does exIst. Give you an example:


normal vehicle maintenance, repairs master timing belt routine examination revealed the aging crack, and the number of kilometers also eligible for a replacement, although the belt Is not broken at thIs time,But still I would advIse owners to replace the belt. Also there are many examples, Xiao Bian Is not one by one example. (Although these too are excessive maintenance, just a suggestion, but the owners are still to be decided according to their own condition)

What Is excessive repair it? For example, some Auto repair shop requiring the owner to 20,000 km replace the spark plug, and always requires cleaning oil, Automatic transmIssion raft blocked for repair or exchange the entire gearbox and so behavior. The following reasons are often caused by excessive maintenance: 1, to repair the master level Is not high, determine the fault Is not accurate, leading to do useful work spend more money wasted;

2, the domestic Automotive industry at the time of charge, usually only charge accessories fee (in fact implies time charge), or close fitting costs + working hours, fees, but have not heard Which garages to collect diagnostic fee. For example, certain aspects of Car circuit fault finding two chef toss two days Careful investigation, and finally found a place perhaps lead to accidental short circuit or wire break the skin a plug has virtual access case, then thIs time does not produce accessories fees, costs or accessories extremely low, you say how thIs time the charges to customers? Faithfully pay fitting costs $ 10, I Will not speak boss Willing to repair the master certainly do not want to, because hard two days without commIssion. So thIs case, Auto repair shops in order to balance the interests of only a false damaged parts, replacement parts fee of $ 800, and finally happy.

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then in life how to avoid being pit it?

understanding of Automotive-related knowledge, they understand, Auto repair shop you Will not dare to Mongolia; can store and ask for change down the old accessories ; leaving the service-related bills, leaving evidence; Try to find a knowledgeable Auto repair shop fixed long-term maintenance. after the collIsion to be repaired, the garage Is not directly quoted, but split to pieces after the quote?

The two cases.

1, after a vehicle collIsion, there are a lot of looks intact but the interior fitting surface damage, the accident must involve dIsmantling all the accessories in order to accurately quote, such as the rear-end Car accident in addition to the front bumper, grille, front cover, headlight vIsible fog Is intuitive, such as other iron bars, tanks, tank frame, a condenser, a fan, a lamp headlight lamp pawl many parts are likely to damage. If rashly offer, open and found the loss of more than that to give the customer a secondary offer, customers often find it unacceptable. So garages precaution, usually all finIshed Will confirm the exact quote.

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2, run the ruthless garage boss ……