Good car to participate in the annual inspection, how it Will go straight to the repair shop? User: inspection, such as car crash

“moment cool Car, inspection very badly.” As things have to go through the Car every year, on-site inspection can be described as crowded, Cars clogged. Detecting three major inspection, the first Automobile exhaust detection, Car basically set off; item 2, vIsual inspection, thIs main detection light without damage and so on; item 3, the line detection, detection of the primary brake function. All in all, the annual inspection Is to protect the safety of life of the owner, the timing detection can find the Car problem.

but, strange to say, the starting point of the annual inspection Is good, but more and more owners found that since the inspection, hIs Car on before, there are even owners react to each inspection just destroy Cars, good Cars go, it Is not thIs bad Is that bad, thIs speech Is how come it?

First, the staff in charge of inspection Car, because too many vehicle inspection every year, the vast majority of Car inspection staff are non-professionals, it’s even know nothing about Cars. What braking system index, such as what type they do not know all, just know that the way to teach others, and that he did so seized. ThIs time the Car Is very vulnerable to injuries.

a lot of inspection Cars, Cars and more Is more to remember. If your annual Car people do not know about your Car, do not be a vehicle for you to detect, it Is likely to make your Car damaged. Moreover, even if you find the Car after they detected a problem in the inspection Car, they have their own money to repair. Sometimes I really do not know the Car would have a problem, or vehicle inspection personnel are not professional.

there Is a kind of modified Cars. When the annual inspection, modified Car Is certainly not pass the test, and could only watch demolIshed. If the Car inspection staff “mercy” Is Carefully dIsmantled help you, if rough point, chances to put your original equipment Is also wrong to hold back.

bad Car inspection face of things, some owners directly to ridicule “in respect of the next annual open house repair, the quasi-earned.” ThIs inspection Is to protect the personal safety of owners, to dIscover and solve problems, can now make your Car because it Is not only the professionalIsm of many Car owners suffer, It’s a bit Cart before the horse. Vehicle inspection can be part of a growing hopeThe more perfect its detection mechanIsm.