Good car maintenance shop in 4s, well go out of the repair shop? Older drivers give you answers

Many Car owners out after the warranty period are not Willing to go 4S shop maintenance, choosing instead to go to an acquaintance of Automotive beauty shop to do a vehicle maintenance, and Why? Not because they are inexpensive, if not for the depth of understanding of the old Car driver, 4S shop for fear of being “slaughtered” meal. ThIs Is a very real problem, but personally feel that some things still go 4S shop to do the maintenance better, today we have for thIs Issue.

The first Is wheel alignment, the best thing Is to go 4S shop maintenance, 4S shop there because the original data, and they do it privately to locate Auto repair shop to do it than to be a little more accurate. ThIs point Is beyond doubt. I personally experienced themselves do wheel alignment in Auto repair shop, the results have not opened a few days wandering on the Car, and the Car almost hit someone else.

then that Is up painting, and in the 4S shop up painting certainly was better than the outside Auto repair shop, a lot of paint on the outside of the Car at all Auto repair shop you can not make up, say Angkesaila the soul moving red, very few people outside can make up. Some of the more popular colors fall Is still possible, but only bad 4S shop Is too expensive, time charge for special expensive, but also in the store to buy materials. ThIs Is on the outside of the Auto repair shop has an advantage, and work costs cheaper, you can also bring their own materials. But fill out the results, may be only endured the

followed by private Car beauty shop Is very loose, say you want to change the oil, all these can be yourself online buy oil, then go to the outside of the Auto repair shop, as long as you do not buy fakes, Is still very cost-effective

Therefore, personal recommendations the best Is to buy a new Car in the 4S shop maintenance. But after the Car off the insurance, as long as not a big problem, like some minor maintenance, such as change the oil filter and the like, all these can be done outside of the Auto repair shop, after all, out of garages electricity price Is indeed cost-effective, and some of the larger maintenance, as far as possible or go to the 4S shop. But remember, Auto repair shop must find the fly