Good car maintenance shop in 4s, or those outside the repair shop maintenance of good? Old driver answers

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Automotive direction indicator

Car 4s shop maintenance Is good, or those outside the repair shop maintenance of good? Old driver answers. Now the development of society, people’s living standards have greatly improved, so that there are a lot of people have bought a Car, but the Car after the buy back Is the need for regular maintenance, so the Car Will make life more Some long, and U.S. Is now a little about Auto repair and development of beauty industry are also getting better and better, and there are a lot of owners to maintain the Car, I also would prefer to go to places that some old acquaintances were repair and maintenance, but not old acquaintance, then there are some owners in peacetime, they also Will go to those repair shop or beauty shop inside maintenance and rarely choose to go to 4s shops inside maintenance, which Is Why? Because it’s more expensive it? And there are some owners Will feel inside 4s shop some maintenance done better, but Why few people still go to 4s shops to maintain it? Next we look for it.

First, first look for the 4 position, If we do four positioning, it Is best to go inside the shop maintenance 4s, 4s shop because it has the original factory data, so that the 4s shop inside made out of 4 Aries positioned to do better than the outside, more accurately, If you go outside of those four maintenance repair shop to do so, it Is estimated that after the Car maintenance did not open a few days there Will be other Issues, so that when doing the maintenance, which must go to 4s shops to do.

The second Is the streets, as if in a fit of anger when there Is certainly Shaxian sowing Is better, because the Car Is outside make some money can not, for example, would like Angkesaila the soul moving red, thIs color has a lot of those outside repair shop Is not good, so that better go to 4s shops inside are better in touch-up painting of the time, and 4s shop there are a lot of maintenance, and some aspects of maintenance are also very good, but there Is a reason to go inside 4s shop maintenance many owners do not like it because there’s too expensive price.

but those outside the repair shop, although they say the price comparIsonIt should, but sometimes fill out a few things such as paint and materials prices are relatively cheap, but there are some materials you can do it yourself, but it Is not good or bad, that the results are to bear their own needs, but also those of private Automotive beauty shops are also more liberal, if if you want to change the oil, then you can buy in a line with their own online Automobile engine oil, and then take those inside the repair shop to let them see a change like a little brother If you buy the kind of good gasoline, not fake, then you go to 4s shops to buy themselves something to make them to help deal with the case, it Is still more cost effective. But to maintenance, the best maintenance Is like on the inside, but there are some people like to buy another Car when engaging in activities such as 4s shop inside, or because of other reasons Will send some of those owners the number of maintenance or the other, if the problem after take off if the insurance Is not too large, like those little maintenance, can also go to those outside the repair shop for repairs, if the same Is more important, so it Is best to go to 4s inside the shop maintenance, it would be ideal.