Good car maintenance in the 4S shop, maintenance or repair shop good on the outside? Old driver told you the answer

Car in good maintenance 4S shop, maintenance or repair shop good on the outside? Old driver told you the answer

A lot of people have been able to buy a Car of hIs own, but in fact many owners out of the Car after the warranty period are not Willing to go to 4s shops which do maintenance, choosing instead to go to some acquaintances of Automotive beauty shop to be what vehicle maintenance, it Is not because they are inexpensive, if not very deep understanding of the Car, then afraid to go inside the shop when the 4s, 4s shop Is the people inside the pit. Very real problem, but I think there are some things may still go inside 4s shop maintenance Is good, so now a lot of people have a problem, that Car in good maintenance 4s shop inside, or outside in good repair shop maintenance, old drivers Will tell you the answer, we look at it.

First Insurance Is a four positioning thIs thing, I think it Is going inside 4s shop maintenance Is good, because there 4s shop original data, that they made out of a private Auto repair shop positioning Is more accurate than doing it, it Is nothing to say, but someone had personal experience in the Automotive repair shops do not open the positioning of four days, the Car appeared deviation of the situation, but also almost an accident, so that I think that the insurance 4s shop or go inside to do it.

then that Is up paint touch-up painting thIs respect, there Is certainly 4s shop Auto repair shop inside to do better than a lot of Cars the outside air Is, in fact, simply can not make up, just to break the frozen red such as Akai. Few people can get exactly the same make up some of the more popular colors are also, like some white black all right, but there 4s shop the only bad part was too expensive, very time charge, still have to buy the materials here at thIs point. Is the case, the outside Is more advantageous to the accumulation, working hours, fees inexpensive material can also bring your own, but do not come out and the consequences may be very different from the Will of your imagination.

There Is a private Car beauty shop Is very loose, for example want to change the oil, it can own in line to buy oil bring it back to he gave you for as long as youDo not buy fakes are also very cost-effective yet. So for the sake of our Car, I suggest that you buy a Car, it Is best to go to 4s shops inside the maintenance of it, after the Car as long as the insured if not some big problems, like some small maintenance, change the oil filter and the like, can inside out Auto repair shop for, after all, outside of the Auto repair shop prices are also very affordable very cost-effective, and some serious maintenance, or even go to 4s shops inside it, after all, there 4s shop Is very professional. So we can do that, but I still have to remind you that if you go out in. Auto repair shop, then we must find some reliable Auto repair shop oh.