Girls learn car repair have a future?

in the past to take the Car to the repair shop to do maintenance when a hit squad inside the garage of a dozen student internships in the inside, there Is found inside a girl, my son, and they chatted before they found that whole class Is only a girl, already a Panda class, can be described as Zhongxinggongyue, enjoy the woman’s Huazun Gui Rong, almost no hands. Even so, overall, I still do not recommend that girls learn Auto repair, please pay attention to : Yung economic igniter

there are individual differences, there are different divIsion

many feminIsts tend to like their men and pull into a straight line, that men can do, women Will be able to complete the pursuit of so-called absolute equality of the sexes, We must bring Marie Curie and Yan Ning exceptions for things. In fact, men and women are born with physiological differences, such women have no aunt men, women can conceive, and bear a child, a man can not do, on average great effort men than women, and so on. God made man, Is to make such differences exIst, we can better combine together with each other, society can only develop properly. No need to pursue absolute average, thIs Is not a dIscrimination, but a positive reality and the status quo.

It Is because men and women are different, so some work to do for girls, such as secretarial classes, teachers, cultural and other girls are born than boys have natural advantages, a woman sensitive, delicate, strong intuition, but most men do women in these areas. And as machinery, electronics and other science and engineering industries, strong boys are born than girls, because boys big effort, good logical thinking, reasoning ability and strong.

Obviously, aftermarket also belong to the science and engineering industries, to logical reasoning, to get involved, or manual labor, dirty and tired, rough living , but also clear-eyed and, on the whole, and the environment Is not suitable for girls to go to work.

If the girls to learn aftermarket, might make short-term counterparts boys you have some attention, but because of inherent shortcomings exIst, and always be Care of the boys, the light from the maintenance work itself, Is not so good to do it a great achievement.

From the other point of view can be considered

top analysIs, only a matter of pure working angle of the girls It Is not very suitable in the Automotive industry, Auto repair school, does not mean a lifetime to do thIs job, if only temporary learning, does not mean not to try, after all, choose life, often just a transition.

If you look at some of Polytechnic University of the girls inside, very little, or a lot of professional monk class, if by chance to a girl, let around boys are excited, the girls in these environments inside, it Is very easy to solve a major problem in life – to find the object, no matter how ugly, in a lot of people inside the team, to find a suitable husband relative, or easy thing. Imagine, a girl in a group of men inside the school Auto repair, it Is easy to solve life events, and thIs advantage Is very obvious.

girls learn Auto repair, not necessarily in the future Will have to engage in Auto repair thIs technical work, maybe a little mastered the concept, you can do the Automotive industry Some service sales type of work, there are business-minded, they can even completely inside the business boss in thIs industry, thIs might account for certain advantages, the future of life, accident and often very subtle.

Do not fight for a job and the man

Perhaps, the girls learn Auto repair, in a pile of men edges Evergreen red flowers, but society Is very real, the competition Is brutal, Auto repair industry itself has been regarded as a very labor intensive, and the income Is not too high in the industry, expect in thIs industry inside, get your fellow long-term Care , it Is very difficult.

in thIs industry Is not that tired, dirty, and you want to earn money to support the family, Is the need to pay a high price, the whole society in thIs industry a little biased, believe the so-called steam repair master Will make some “dirty money”, they have to be viewed with colored glasses. On the one hand to get things done, on the other hand have to endure strange rhetoric of others, I am afraid that the girls are very difficult to bear.

Automotive industry, but also continue to learn, because the Automotive industry in the development of such fuel vehicles Is shrinking, we are working on new energy vehicles, beginning from mechanical to electronic electrical, for the purposes of getting married woman with children have children, it would be difficult to maintain a consIstent continuity of learning, such as you recover, you have to go in front of peers boys go, life can have a few years to allow time you learn.