Fun BMW 120i, front left focusing on major accident, appears to be not repaired!

the hIstory of the BMW 1 Series Is not long, the first-generation model was released in 2004, but now the 15-year hIstory, the model Is not complicated, just two generations of models. The first generation Is called E81, five-door called the E87, the second generation Is the F20, went public in 2012, and now has entered the countdown to the new generation.

The first generation of the 1 Series has a very good reputation, but it Is fun to drive vehicle Is not full. Was said to have the best in the hIstory of the BMW 3 Series and reputation, E46 has a complicated relationship, but I have so little knowledge Will say no more. 1 Series in the old section of the country much more than it certainly can not say much, but often can see some, anyway, it’s your country can buy the cheapest BMW.

ThIs Is a Car accident, produced in 2011, that time Is not yet a system of domestic and imported products are pure.

incident left front side, at first glance Is quite serious, side panel are total loss of the entire engine modification. Sheet metal structure of the multilayer structure knocked twIsted into a ball, fender, bonnet including all the damage behind the door.

In addition to the impact beam people have a special feeling, you can look at it Carefully liangzi, pure imported Cars Cars, luxury brand, Will not be a bit thin.

before the face piece also goes without saying, bumpers, grille, headlights these things, plastic components, any Car could not withstand accidental collIsion impact.

Is actually surprIsingly good right side, fender, door sheet metal member which Is no problem. Even the headlights, headlight and following plastic brackets are intact.

the engine compartment, which Is the most important area, a Car all high-value components are concentrated here. Luckily, the engine Is completely unharmed, its surrounding attachments can not see where there Is damage.

BMW 120i, equipped with a classic N46B20 engine, inline 4-cylinder naturally aspirated, 156 horsepower. The N46 also for thIs engineIs too familiar, 3 Series, 5 Series has been installed, very large holdings, sold on the scrap market Is not expensive. As long as a few thousand dollars, even if the new cheaper, more than 10 thousand dollars you can buy, sometimes if After looking at a bill, then, to be a cost-effective engine overhaul Is not as direct change to the engine.

Glass, fragile, has nothing to say. Broken glass, there are two cases, one Is the impact force Is too large, it directly to shattered. The other Is the impact force of the body Is affected, resulting in dIstortion of the body, a body twIsted itself mounting position Will change, thIs change as glassware, and certainly Will be broken.

room, the main driving position and the co-pilot airbag were detonated. Although only the left side to the collIsion, but there Will be a minimum of two Car crash sensor, a left and right sides. As long as the contact location of the impact to either right or left, the sensing signals are received airbag computer Will Issue a command to detonate.

When it comes to the airbag, yesterday Is Cadillac XT5 station, the right side of the vehicle body by the impact. There are a lot of people say Why do not the two front airbags burst, which Is no doubt, say that Is a side impact, how to set off the air bag in front of it? And that Car Is also a burst of air bags, side curtain air a whole have been detonated.

back, dirty and messy. Who was also thrown into a big tire, Car, rear space Is not large, can take two people to sit three people, then it Is very crowded.

Overall, the damage to thIs Car are very serious, and the inner outer sheet metal member of a large area of ​​the engine compartment on the left side, in almost total loss state . Further affected the left suspension system arm, shock absorber, direction, etc. are inevitably damaged.

In addition plus a set of airbags, Is an 8-year-old Car, repair price Will certainly exceed the insured amount. Even very fortunate, its engine parts and no major damage, I am afraid Is still no maintenance value.

but the good News Is it’s not the engine compartmentInjured, making it the scrap market Will have a very high value in the count a lot of electronics. It Is a piece of fat Is not excessive, do not forget thIs Is an imported Car, original spare parts, but the price Will be very expensive. If thIs scrap pieces in the market for Car owners, it Is a good thing!