Fuel treasure proper use, when to add fuel treasure

believes that even the frequently used fuel treasure owners friend, also a large part do not know the proper use of fuel treasure. So what Is the proper use of precious fuel method? In the end Is when to add it?

on fuel treasure when added

correctly added time fuel treasure be before refueling plus . Because it can make full fuel treasure gasoline mixed in shock when filling gasoline. So as to achieve the best results.

on the role and composition of the fuel treasure

treasure the most important role Is the fuel clean up Carbon deposits, which Is the selling point has always been, at the same time, supplemented by the role of engine maintenance, oil and so on. Some special-purpose fuel treasure can also improve fuel antiknock (octane).

Since the fuel Po component mainly composed of more than ten nanometers cleaning and activating factor molecules, oxidation, corrosion, emulsion breaking, etc., for the fuel sulfur, gums and other harmful ingredients developed engine deposits, so as to achieve a power lift, promote combustion, oxidation, wear, washing, dIspersion, emulsion breaking, corrosion, lubricating and other effects.