Four expensive car parts, broken repair shops do not add up to sell one thousand fifty-six

There Is no doubt that the Car Is our modern lives of the most common vehicles, but every Car are with their own life. After all, it Is a machine, also has a loss, and thIs loss to the limit, it Is clear that thIs bike can not continue to work for the owners, so we need to Carry out regular maintenance of these vehicles and the replacement of the necessary parts. But some owners because the Car was not particularly aware of, so the replaced parts directly threw the repair shop, in fact, even if these parts broken very valuable.

inventory Xiao Bian gave you four very valuable Car parts, broken, then we can sell it at high prices. Do not say these things add up to reach the million units, but sell one thousand sixty-seven still no problem. To say the air conditioner compressor on Cars, parts for most Car owners, thIs Is very important, after all, Is not it who can stand the heat or cold weather there?

And it Is also a very expensive component, when very high replacement costs. If a fault occurs, then the owners drove to the repair shop, the staff Will tell you thIs Is not only for repair parts, time and cost of replacement Is probably about five or six hundred dollars. It Is also because there Is still some value in the replacement of parts, so usually they are directly taken away. But if we keep it to yourself or take it to sell, you can harvest a few hundred dollars.

In addition to air conditioning compressor Is the hard core stuff outside, there Is a Car equipped with the various electrical appliances, Cars now, especially domestic Cars various configurations can not say a lot. These configurations once more broken and do not lose, they all have some value, although she looks somewhat worn, but not intrinsic can not be used, and the various parts are relatively intact, to come up with how to sell there are two to three hundred Piece.

In addition such catalytic converters, thIs Is a good thing as an Automobile exhaust gas purifying apparatus, the harmful gas can be converted into Carbon dioxide, water, very large role. But it Is also a regular in the Car to be replaced things, because there are a lot more expensiveHeavy metals, the value Is also very expensive. We replace it when thIs thing, how should the thirty-four thousand, but do not throw away broken, one thousand eight hundred and fro selling blood Is not a problem.

ThIs last part Is the ultra-high value of the battery, compared to thIs thing with several other parts are more prone to failure, we are also more likely to be ignore. After all, we have the impression that thIs thing has been of little value. In fact, the battery life Is generally about a year or two, the replacement of very high frequency, which itself also has a higher value. Owners must pay attention, do not think you should change the battery maintenance man to tell you directly replaced, even replaced the stay should remember oh.