For failing to repair cars in the 4S shop refused insurance? Geely to see how it Is done

With the continuous improvement of relevant laws and regulations, many 4S shops are out maintenance support may only need to have a qualified repair shops and related documents can be retained. Despite the relevant laws expressly provided, but if the vehicle had an accident, in need of repair, Is still a lot of 4S stores Will use the warranty to limit the right to choose the owner.

did not repair the Car in the 4S shop refused insurance

Mr. Pang suffered a similar situation, their vehicles for the 2020 models vIsion X3, purchased in 2020, January 25. But in the July 1, Mr. Pang mIsfortune accident, the choice of the outside of the repair shop to replace the airbags. Mr. Pang thIs case in accordance with the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Automotive repair industry to upgrade and improve service quality” and should not affect the remaining parts of the warranty.

probably in November, vehicle air conditioning fails, Mr. Pang want to 4S shop to make a claim. But was rejected 4S shop, 4S shop represents a split-off vehicle center console Is no longer under warranty. Mr. Pang did not understand, obviously vehicle air conditioning Is not dIsassembled, Why not continue to enjoy the warranty.

In desperation, Mr. Pang in Car complaints network to initiate a complaint. After receiving complaints, after complaints commIssioners analysIs and dIscussion, the complaint Will be submitted to the relevant departments of Geely Automobile. And in November 18 he received the reply: “For the user, as reflected in DivIsion I attach great importance to the market immediately and arrange for staff parties actively coordinate scheduled service outlets to explain to the user instructions hereby reply..!”

in 2020, February 4, we received feedback from owners, it represents the attitude of satIsfaction. At thIs point, Mr. Pang problem has been satIsfactorily completed.

out maintenance can guarantee

2014, the MinIstry of Transport, the National Development and Reform CommIssion and other departments jointly Issued the “guiding opinions on promoting the Automotive repair industry transformation and upgrading enhance the quality of services,” which include said:

to implement the anti-monopoly law, unfair competition law and consumer protection law and three packs of Cars, consumer protection and maintenance of consumer choice Car warranty rights. Automobile production and its authorized sales and service enterprIses (including enterprIses imported Cars) consumers should be informed in accordance with the manual requires the proper use, maintenance and repair of Automotive products, not restrict, interfere consumers to choose repair and maintenance services company, not a Car select non-authorized repair service in the “three guarantees” period as an excuse to provide maintenance services.

promote the Automobile repair parts supply channels open and multi-channel flow. According to the main principle of the right to market equality, equal opportunity, equal rules, to break the monopoly of repair parts channels, encourage original parts manufacturers to provide independent aftermarket parts and original accessories have their own trademarks to the Automotive aftermarket; allows authorized parts dIstribution business, authorized maintenance companies to non-authorized repair business or end user resell Genuine parts, promote the establIshment of high-quality repair parts socialized dIstribution network.

In other words, the owner has the right to choose the repair shop, and can continue to enjoy the warranty. And original accessories can also be purchased on the outside, so you can enjoy the original quality with cheaper price.

Summary: Geely Automobile manufacturers to show their style, maintenance and other Issues are also strictly abide by the relevant provIsions of thIs consumers need. Geely manufacturers a shot, 4S shop immediately in accordance with the requirements of “guidance”, Mr Pang vehicles to replace the air conditioning, which can also be seen success for manufacturers 4S shop management.