For auto repair shops, the old driver: I just look for a shop that can go less and less opinions

Cars can now say has been popular, whether commuting to work or to travel Is to use the Car. ThIs Is also the benefits of economic development, had a lot of people do not dare to think himself able to open the Car, but now basically every household has a Car of their own. The Car now has become a popular means of transport on, so now the Car repair shop more and more, more and more Car insurance companies, the Automotive industry Is also constantly expanding. And now more and more companies looking at the Auto industry, hoping to have a share in the when, no matter repairer or maintenance, or middle parts of manufacturing, there are no loopholes are looking at can hold.

while the Car Is open for a long time there Will be problems, but more or less, the Car or the size of the problem only. One owners bought a Car just less than six months, but the frustration was rear-ended, but the bumps Is normal, so the owner did not how to think, put hIs Car pulled the 4S shop for maintenance. And the owners saw the parking spaces, the extent of damage Is not particularly big, so it Is not very concerned about, just as long as the replaced parts on it. In the Car open to the 4S shop, the owner also believes that the problem Is not a week after you can come to mention Cars, vehicle owners Will be assured gone. But I did not expect happened a week later, when the owners put the Car in the past, 4S shop did not take the Car to the owner. And at the busy time delay, the owner and the store staff Will negotiate a bit, probably to say what time can come to mention Cars. Then time again two weeks later, when the owners come back to mention Cars, so he was shocked that the head of 4S shop actually sold hIs Car, which makes the owner feel shocked, thIs Is a what in the end shop, but after the election the alarm. Then found that the director Is not the first time to do thIs thing also, hIs courage was so great.

but the alarm Is useless, thIs Is an economic dIspute, he let the driver indicted in charge of the store, to protect their rights through legal. The director then was taken away, I do not know how the Car Is in charge of the sale out, or what to sell out. The Car ownership and the owner of the information should also be in their own hands, which also indirectly illustrates the 4S repair shop must be a problem, the supervIsor can do such a thing, then heRepair shop can be good to go? So now when you go and multi 4S shop to repair the Car, many owners are afraid of, especially some unscrupulous slowly promIse you Will put new parts, second-hand put something to get the results, you can not tell. ThIs pretty little conscience, after all, you are still able to open, although a handful of pits, but still no big loss.

and some darker 4S shop, such as above the driver who only six months of a new Car. Black encountered little shop, give you all the basic components for a number down, and for you to receive when the Car was initially not feeling on top of open, but not open long you Will find the problem. Then go back and find the manufacturer for maintenance and repairs, when all the parts Will be found to be changed. After the dIscovery of the problem, and then back to find 4S shop, no evidence of people do not admit that you can not do anything. So most people nothing can be done, and it was only living being trampled upon, then nothing can be done. So many older drivers Will recognize only a 4S shop, even if they left the city also Will be a special meeting to, or through a friend’s recommendation, Will not go to a new 4S shops.

so many people are on thIs Auto repair shop after too much knowledge, only to maintenance, and the choice of a lot of newcomers Is relatively new to the store, think the equipment Is new, so to repair faster, the Car Is also more good. But thIs Is not so, many new stores are technical, but related, unless the store Is a sub shop. So many old driver said the Car if there Is no big problem less to a Car repair shop 4S, out of money, better said, the last Car to be afraid to change. In thIs regard netizens also said that now the 4S shop or to go through the big check, nor the majority of Car drivers too Is not responsible. Hope thIs can be perfect, thIs what you’re thinking, 4S shop for maintenance of what you want to Tucao welcome in the comments below.