Five subversion future direction of the car

2000 years BC, early summer Dayu era, there was a man named Xi Zhong invented the Car, the Car Is our first American invention. Car in the modern sense was invented in Germany in 1886, dating back off than a hundred years old. Automotive development today has been beyond our imagination, whether it Is the speed, performance, safety hIstory have reached an unprecedented height, and Is now in the development of new energy and intelligent direction. Then the future Will be what kind of Car do? So I lIsted about ten future development direction of the Car:

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First, zero zero casualty collIsions , to achieve absolute security. Recently ranked the lowest mortality rate in the world Car, Volvo ranked first. Zero mortality rate Is the highest ranked of all vehicles, and only zero mortality Car brand. Even so absolutely still amounted to less than the future of Automotive safety sought, although Volvo Car in the world to do the best in terms of security, whether the airbag body structure Is more or staff Will not be enough to ensure that traffic fatalities. But not capable of zero accidents and zero impact the future direction of my Car design than the Volvo raIse ten to one hundred times. The Car Is able to avoid the future of Automotive design diamond have a direct impact, even if the diamond traffic accidents between vehicles Is friction and collIsion. Vehicle outer rubber coating Is highly elastic, even colliding Will cushion. There Is also a most important Automotive safety technology roadmap that Cars are a powerful permanent magnet materials. If all Cars Will be able to avoid direct use of permanent magnet material impact because the magnetic field homosexual exclusion. Because it Is extremely powerful permanent magnetic repulsive force, even if the speed of the two vehicles can not be hit with super magnetic repulsion to avoid collIsions in the traditional sense. Since the Car can do zero impact, then people would never casualties occurred. So the goal of zero accidents zero casualty because of the super permanent magnet can be completely solved, super permanent magnet U.S. has already mastered, 2010, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Sino-US space cooperation in the research and development of permanent magnets Is the United States, the United States was the world’s only to master thIs technology.

Second, the new energy. There Is new energy including electric, air power, nuclear power, fuel cells and solar power. Such as BYD’s pure electric Car can be described as the first global sales, a new pure electric vehicle technology strengthThe strongest Car prices. In fact, our country’s air force has also begun buses in operation, the fuel cell buses and trains are also rail operations, and also Hina solar Car on the market, but nuclear-powered Car has not yet achieved. It Is worth mentioning that the fast solar Car Hina near-zero emIssions unlimited line continuation, if the use of new and more efficient solar panels can be done even without the sun rain and snow weather can still be charged. If Han to solar panels and small wind generators backup trunk, small area needs to be charged by light takes a long time, you can put the trunk solar panels on the ground to increase the illumination area to charge the battery. Micro-wind turbine for power generation but also at the same time come up to the electric vehicle charging, low wind speed small wind turbine can generate electricity at any time. Of course, we can consider solar-powered light heat and power generation to meet the electric Car electricity. Nuclear power Is also a development direction, such as molten salt reactor HTR and can be applied to a nuclear-powered Automobiles, airplanes and ships, because no nuclear leakage of radioactive contamination.

Third, the new materials. The lighter the more fuel-efficient vehicle, the farther mileage. Our research and development of special steel 2200 MPa Is well suited as Automotive steel, and other materials developed over our country can also be applied to the Car. Advanced Carbon fiber and Carbon nanotubes, and graphene can be applied to the Car body material, thIs lightweight Car that Is fuel-efficient and durable. Of course, the engine and other components should also increase research and development, R & D and other new high-temperature ceramic ultra lightweight components. Even lighter close to the air density of the new super strong materials can also be used in the Car, such as fuel-efficient Car mileage Will be longer. Of course, Car interior decoration, decorative coatings and paint and paint materials have replaced all environmentally friendly. Saw a person just bought a new Car on the News, because the Car did not think the original interior decoration formaldehyde and benzene and other harmful chemical substances exceeding their lead to death. Environmentally friendly vehicles Is also crucial with the popularization and application of paint, as Car and consumer health are closely related.

Fourth, levitation, and the effect of flying three functions are provided. In fact, the maglev Car already achieved, but Is not universal, because Sichuan underground contains iron, so convenient magnetic levitation Cars. In other underground areas free of iron ore in advance paved road to travel with a magnetic levitation CarNew York has successfully developed a maglev Car. VTOL flying Car U.S. has also successfully developed, unlike conventional rotor foreign take-off flying Car, our research and development to take off in a manner similar F35 taking off, of course, can remain affixed to the ground, not that the effect of flying Cars yet. So the effect of magnetic levitation and flying Cars are equipped with three functions may dominate the future Car. Although there are three types of Car, but the Car along with three ways the world has not. These three Car can do lawn laying on the ground, Cars do not harm the lawn, the green roads of the future.

Fifth, artificial intelligence, Autonomous vehicles. Artificial Intelligence in Automotive applications U.S. and the US are strong, the United States of Google and Tesla are doing related research, and achieved some results. American Baidu and Alibaba do well, the test results Will be ideal. However, the US Tesla test result Is not satIsfactory, the accident killed two people. American Baidu have been in the road test, it Is quite good. Alibaba also smart Car development process. With the start of 5G commercial next year, things Will certainly smart Car households.