Ferrari guy by the bride BMW rear-end collIsion, maintenance costs up to a million! The bride did not ride

November 1 afternoon, Zhejiang Yuhuan Truman Taizhou, a 20-year-old boy driving a Ferrari over five million, one second before the next boom throttle, one second after it lost more than 100 million . Worse, thIs Car was borrowed ……

“hey, borrowed the Car of tomorrow, the bride, the bride did not sit, but …. . “Zhan said a Ferrari driver frustration.

13:45, Truman traffic police squadron then police said: Truman Lake Road in front of a shop two hit by a Car, a little big loss. Squadron duty police rushed to the scene. As can be seen from the monitoring, Ms. Wang driving a red BMW sedan was traveling from south to north along Lake Road, driving a Ferrari, followed by Chan. When passing through road accidents, Ms. Wang deceleration want to pull over, suddenly, Ferrari caught up, directly to BMW, “free” into the parking space, and knocked down a street lamp posts, parked next to overwhelm the Chery Car .

“I was ready to pull the name of the turn signal, the moment, the Car seems to have been pushed forward one, flying directly jump a bit. Fortunately, I reflect faster, step the brake system to stop, fortunately, was wearing a seatbelt has its own habits, so people all right, but really sCared. “recalled thIs scene, BMW driver Wang fear.

It Is understood that Zhan 20 years old thIs year, beginning February 14 thIs year took out a C1 driving license, currently in internship. Since Zhanmou Peng Friends of married tomorrow, just borrowed the Ferrari, did not expect the bride did not take the Car actually hit.

The accident caused the loss of nearly a million Cars Ferrari, BMW and Chery Cars and lamp posts loss of more than 30,000. The same lane when driving, not keeping safe dIstance between vehicles and the vehicle in front, Zhan a bear full responsibility for the accident.

traffic police to remind the majority of drivers: novice drivers must 且行且珍惜.


In thIs regard netizens said: ThIs Is the marriage knot suck.

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Nanjing a value of more than 600 million Ferrari hit a curb maintenance fee of about one million

219 years in February, Jiangning DIstrict Zhushan Tianyuan intersection unilateral traffic accident occurred not long ago, a Car worth more than 600 million Ferrari sports Car hit a roadside greening lead the way teeth, Car damage Is very serious.

After receiving the alarm, Jiangning New DIstrict traffic police brigade squadron of police rushed to the scene. Witnesses told police, first heard the “buzz” of the engine roar, followed by a bang, to be slow to God, thIs Car pull the wind Ferrari has been rotated 90 degrees across the middle of the road, right rear wheel He knocked.

Zhang told police the driver, thIs Car did not take long to buy a new Ferrari, has not opened the habit, you may step on the accelerator heavy, he kicked down the accelerator, the Car such as the cosine of an arrow rushed out and hit a curb side of the road, but fortunately he was not injured wore a seat belt.

However, thIs Car worth more than 600 million sports Car very serious injuries, have hit the entire tail out of shape. Zhang has consulted 4S shop, maintenance Is necessary than 100 million, and currently there are no parts need to be imported from abroad.

traffic police to remind, whether the vehicle Is driving a new Car for many years, the driver should slow fuel door, rear-end accidents, etc. Beware occur.

Source: North late New VIsion Integrated Urban Express Reviews Nanjing Daily

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