Ferrari 458 overhead rear-end Toyota sports car front like that, Reiz owners want to laugh a little

Reiz some time ago a fire, the co-pilot seat Is being Tucao a handful of Lexus owners. But in the more than two hundred thousand thIs level models, the Toyota Reiz Is indeed a highly cost models, rear-drive V6 has been added to make its sales ahead of the

Toyota owners say thIs Car the most on the first few days or elevated him happy accident of a small

a red Ferrari 458 rear-end Toyota Reiz, thIs operation seems a bit do not understand, like how Ferrari bombing of the same?

Reiz owners say the main reason for the accident in front of hIs Car have a Car emergency brake, then he followed the brakes, behind Ferrari sports Car just in passing , too fast did not have time to react, so hit more serious

Ferrari has been completely damaged the vehicle in front, the driver’s seat airbag and all of pop, because it Is estimated that thIs Car rear-engine, front of the Car have been only part of the plate and storage space, sturdy certainly inferior to other Cars, but behind Reiz also not particularly strong pillar

Ferrari owners took out the phone and call the insurance company, the co-pilot’s beauty also looked bewildered off Reiz, thIs Ferrari Is fake, right?

ThIs vIsual Ferrari’s maintenance costs at least hundreds of thousands, while Reiz trunk and rear bumper are not cheap, outside the repair, then still have to estimate more than ten thousand of

Reiz owners said at the time to see thIs scene she really kind of want to laugh, but still hope that we drove out to a safe location, security slow