Features vehicle maintenance technology of our country which

With the continuous economic and social development and progress of science and technology, the Car became more and more popular, people in normal life and work which can not do without the Car, the Car has become more important people travel one of transportation. People’s growing demand for Cars, to the Automotive industry has brought great opportunities for development. The rapid development of the Automobile industry Automotive repair industry has been the opportunity to develop, and the Automotive repair industry in the process of development, high-efficiency and high-quality service technician Is necessary safeguards.

Similarly, good vehicle maintenance technology can promote the development of the Automotive industry to a certain extent, promote economic progress. Intelligent fault diagnosIs. Hyundai Motor has a self-diagnostic fault characterIstics. Now the Car Is no longer a simple means of transport, but gradually transformed into a collection of modern art representation of various high-tech products. Especially with the development of computer technology and modern electronic technology, science and technology for the degree of development of the Car provides a very convenient conditions.

such as ABS anti-lock braking system, electronic fuel injection system for an engine, the electronically controlled Automatic transmIssion systems, power steering systems, an acceleration slip adjustment systems and air bag systems, such as Automatic diagnostic systems, these systems are to be controlled by the whole electronic control unit member. It has a very high self-diagnostic capabilities, while for the form and location of Car trouble can be well documented, and finally stored in the form of code. Problem Car can be interpreted from the memory among the electronic control unit out by the decoder, so that the fault position Is determined Car.

exclude Car trouble when the self-diagnostic technology that can provide very high-tech scientific basIs. Electronic Automotive repair tools. With the continuous development of Automotive technology, Automotive fault maintenance tools are constantly changing. Troubleshooting of Automotive tools gradually from the beginning of the class of equipment has now become a very advanced vehicle fault detection instruments and equipment. Such as wheel alignment, exhaust gas monitoring instrument, such as instrument and decoding them gradually applied to Automobile troubleshooting process, and slowly became popular among Car Is now an essential tool for troubleshooting process.

Maintenance of these techniques and devices are basically maintenance computer technology and electronic technology integrated product, in order to compare mastered these techniques, maintenance personnel must be have good theoretical knowledge and skills, so as to ensure that these modern maintenance equipment really play the exact function. With these modern testing equipment to overhaul Car trouble, Car repair industry Is a breakthrough and reform, but also in the development of modern Automotive industry must go through the process. Network of Car repair advice.

As information technology, network technology and the continuous development of modern consulting industry, every industry has been relatively good development opportunities. Whether it Is from the Car control techniques or the overall structure, the degree of science and technology are constantly improving, there has also been a lot of relatively new Automotive equipment, brand and features. In the actual repair work among the staff impossible to put all the data models, data are recorded and the degree of detail, such technical staff, knowledge and experience of reserves becomes more limited.

and the continuous development of network technology, Will bring a whole new platform for the exchange of information, detection of various fault diagnosIs and maintenance of vehicles to Car maintenance information can be queried via the network. At the same time some Car maintenance technical training can also be done through the network. U.S.’s Auto repair network rather late, but with the continuous development and popularization of network technology, but also makes U.S.’s Auto maintenance and the reality of the whole network. Network platform for vehicle maintenance technology for rapid dIssemination of information, so also to the development of vehicle maintenance technology provides a number of convenient conditions.