Failure to send the BMW 4S shop maintenance staff secretly add water to the engine? 4S shop: unexplainable

with the contradiction between people, generally recommended major Issues to minor ones, but the Car when failure to 4S shop maintenance, minor repairs often encounter the situation becomes overhaul. Not long ago, Zhengzhou Mr. Zhang Will be the Car to the 4S shop maintenance, after which staff can be a move to shift him spooked. So how specific situation?

Mr. Zhang said a few days ago Zhengzhou heavy rain, hIs Car stalled in a puddle, so he dialed the BMW 4S store rescue call, after the Car was sent to the new-line 4S shop, and so on the third day when he went to the 4S shop, find the Car’s hood has been opened, oil filter and no water, but oil cap next to two drops of water. The explanation was that the staff accidentally shed some water when the lid unscrewed.

while the other gave the explanation, but Mr. Zhang did not believe that, then he asked to see surveillance and found two staff members look around first, determining no one around after the engine with a glass of water clear liquid, but also afterwards finIshed dIsposable cups surreptitious in their pockets. In thIs regard, Mr. Zhang that nature Is very bad, so the Car would have been nothing big problem, but the other party secretly add water, in order to earn more profits high.

And thIs, in charge of after-sales 4S shop said they are added to the detergent, but the staff Will move the cup into hIs pocket, but he He said it could not explain. In addition, when Mr. Zhang asked to find two staff members confronted the spot, after-sales managers have said the two days off at home. Subsequently, Zhang said again view the surveillance to ascertain the source of the cup of the liquid, and after-sales director, said IT staff on business and was not available to view.

At present, Mr. Zhang has problems reflect to the relevant departments, the matter Is being further investigation. In thIs regard, how you view it?