“Excavators Maintenance Guide” explosion of red excavator in that section, you know how much?

Recently, an American literary young woman portrait photo of unparalleled explosion of red in the major social networks, thIs photo Is booming not because the girl how the United States if the angel (of course not to say that thIs girl looks not United States), but the girl holding the props book.

Service Guide excavator can do so exquIsite, delightful estimated only hair bear the

One users in Russia after seeing thIs photo tweet pointed out, the American girl holding turned out to be “Э-505 excavator maintenance Guide” …… later thIs tweet was reproduced in the United States to domestic users, there Will be a big thing then burst red Chinese community. But today we are saying thIs Is not a photo, but thIs repair guide the protagonIst –Э-505 excavator. Photo

American girl holding the “Э-505 excavator Maintenance Guide” has been shown in the page’s largest search site in Russia

Э-505 type crawler the former Soviet Union Kovrov excavator excavator in the mid 1940s to begin production of a crawler excavators, Э-505 type crawler excavators in Kovrov Д-107 type crawler excavators developed on the basIs of, Э-505 excavator using a diesel engine as the driving force, the bucket capacity of 0.5 cubic meters.

Д-107 type crawler excavator (see watermark image source)

are operating Э-505 type crawler excavators diesel engine

1959, Kovrov excavator factory Э-505 improved on the basIs of the crawler-type excavator Э-505A on a crawler type excavator, Э-505A, basic maintaining Э-505 type design, but switched to a more powerful engine, while the bucket capacity Is increased from the original 0.65 m3 to 0.5 m3.

Э-505 type crawler excavator design (screenshots)

Э-505 crawler excavator chassIs design ( screenshots)

in Э-505A type crawler excavator bucket after dress large capacity, also referred Э-651 crawler excavators, Э-651 and a front-type basic design remains the same, substantially no change.

Э-505 type crawler excavator that loading operation (see watermark image source)

Here, incidentally, Kovrov excavators manufactured in Russia factory Is still the worldwide importance of heavy mining machinery manufacturing company, which manufacture wheeled, crawler excavators with a very high level, a lot of mines, ports can see Russia Kovrov excavators manufacturing company produces various excavator.

ThIs Is the authentic Э-505 crawler excavators and improved instructions for use, maintenance manuals and learning with better Oh

finally had to remind especially you girls in the photographs must pay attention to the photographer gave you props book, such as props book “heart Tigers, fine sniffing the rose”, we must be cautious. If you must give a rose surrounded by illusion Tigers, you can use thIs seemingly repairman dedicated book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, and then when people laugh at them a bitter contempt, deep reactive with the name.