Eight minIstries vehicle maintenance information requested full dIsclosure, 4S shop for the profits do not buy it

August 8, Ms. Fang in California accidentally own particular brand of a Car remote key lost , and if you go to 4S shop worthy of $ 1000 to 3000 per month, but in the Auto parts market, 100 yuan Will be able to solve the problem. Ms Fong had to result in the 4S shop spent 2,000 yuan with a key, because although the Auto parts market as long as 100 yuan Will be able to fit the product quality Is equivalent or even higher than remote key loading requirements of the standard, because the 4S shop refused to dIsclose the relevant Car keys information, Auto parts market can not fit.

For a long time, Car prices and 4S shop as the main stakeholders, maintenance of transparency of information and original accessories, so the Car repair market monopoly none improved. Because Car prices and 4S shops do not open Auto parts-related information, so that consumers spend a lot of time and money, for which the relevant state departments have launched the “Car repair technical information dIsclosed in implementation of management practices” and new “Car sales management approach” , require vehicle manufacturers, dealers and service providers to explicitly in the Automotive aftermarket accessories and service price lIst. Especially July 1 the MinIstry of Commerce Issued a “Car sales management approach” Is required from July 1 Car producers, dIstributors, service providers need the publicity of its parts information and price details.

In fact as early as October 2015, the MinIstry of Transport, MinIstry of Environmental Protection, MinIstry of Commerce, State AdminIstration for Industry and Commerce, the State AdminIstration of Quality SupervIsion, the State Intellectual Property Office, the CNCA, U.S. Insurance Regulatory CommIssion jointly Issued US “vehicle maintenance technology information dIsclosure implementation of management practices” to require Auto manufacturers to maintenance operators, consumers and public service operators related information technology vehicles sold, in order to break the monopoly in the field of Automotive repair.

in accordance with the requirements of way, public information, there must be parts catalog, including the name of the original parts for the Automotive after-sales service provided by producers, trademark and serial number, zero means changes, upgrading, and updating information, and identify the specific models of Cars spare parts for the convenience of the information necessary to apply. At the same time, Car prices also public service of technical information, including periodic vehicle maintenance items, check the contents, maintenance, operation, and maintenance interval basIs, methods dIsassembly, assembly and parts, technical specifications and illustration, parts checkThe method of measuring and judging authentication information; a circuit wiring diagram, connector model specifications and the like.

Once thIs information public, many garages, repair shops owners that can provide accurate vehicle maintenance and parts replacement service homogeneity, so 4S shops and repair services formed a competitive situation, thus breaking the monopoly 4S shop, which Is the 4S shops and many Car manufacturers are unWilling. In the industry view, OEMs, 4S stores as stakeholders, thanks to the maintenance of transparency of information and original accessories and non-public information to enable them to monopolize Car repair market.

of the Car phone by dialing 4S shop, try to understand whether the consumer can obtain the purchase channels of vehicle maintenance and parts information store, but get back are “dIsclose” or “unclear” . There are also some brand vehicles select “reservations” to public information.

Experts point out that one of the biggest source of profits as Car prices and dealers, Automotive aftermarket maintenance and parts sales Is the main reason they do not want to release the information publIshed, although the MinIstry of Commerce other departments required to be publIshed July 1 Auto parts information, but many Car prices and 4S still go its own way, refusing to implement.

However, there Is a case of Car prices Is Willing to provide Auto parts information, and that Is to pay for information. In thIs regard, the MinIstry of Transportation staff said, the way of paid access to information Is allowed, after all, need to consider the Car companies own the intellectual property, but also abroad process of information dIsclosure Is also charged, Is an international practice. But if the Car companies charge exorbitant fees to dIsguIse prevent consumer access to information a monopoly, consumers can report it to the authorities. Mercedes-Benz, for example, from the point of view of official information charges, consumers can choose the different data, use different models of authority from one day to one year. Among them, pay 500 yuan Electronic Parts Catalog available access to year, choose to buy between passenger Car maintenance information system permIssions day price of $ 250.

than experts said, the relevant departments to continuously develop accessories for open information policy, Is to break repair, maintenance monopoly, but to protect Car consumers transparent, reasonable right to implement Car maintenance, but also all sectors of society need to join forces.

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