Efficiency Is the way – car maintenance shop of self-cultivation

Auto Service property industry and target customer spending habits decIsion stores drainage Is quite difficult. Many businesses are simply interpreted as have the world’s traffic, which Is obviously one-sided that the same steam clothes stores and other chain stores do business.

▎ drainage Is the beginning of self-cultivation Is the key stores

how to retain short-term flow into fixed flow Is the key, and thIs traffic Is not much, but in essence, be able to develop as seed customers, spread.

Many cases have proved good in bad weather or when the off-season, dIscounts and other promotional thrust drainage effect Is not as commIssion staff to improve customer conversion effect of the initiative.

constantly by none other simple drainage, not only allow consumers the impression that the formation of low-cost, but also reduces the revenue and profitability of stores employees, after all, limited capacity each store, low price attracted more traffic Is also inadequate to digest, under the inherent ability to digest, low-margin business profitability Is difficult to support the store.

▎ actually detain a guest difficult problems in various industries, the basic reason Is that brand building contains many aspects of brand building, but the quality and service Is fundamental.

such as sheet metal spray services, all paints are imported paint, we have to rely on imports of these influential brand of paint in the external promotion because the quality of their products through the test of the global market, brand image has long been public. When aBrand to reach a certain height, naturally improve transaction efficiency store and ask a guest to greatly reduce the cost, which Is the reason Why the early brand building needs. The brand seems to me that the only useful one, that Is to improve the efficiency of the transaction.

▎ staff management

employees are service providers , it Is the source of store performance. Even among employees in store operations as a labor factor, not just from the economic point of view to be regarded as “economic man”, but should pay attention to their emotional training, management staff to give them more humane Care. Such as the focus on employee dormitories, sanitation and food and so on.

employees valued, feel a strong value of life in the company, Will be barely concealed pleasure to convey to each customer, so each to store customers are immersed in an atmosphere of positive energy in them.

The last Is the brand positioning. In the Automotive service industry, customers can simply target by the time and money to divide these two elements, the first category Is a type of marketplace, that Is, for money, while not sensitive to time; second Is the type of labor, that Is time and money are sensitive; third category Is rich type, that Is not sensitive to the time and money; the fourth category Is the elite, that Is time-sensitive, rational for money.

the third course, Is the four categories of minorities, but according to the “Pareto’s Law”, which few people can contribute more than 80% of profits for the stores, the stores if the pursuit of profit, the positioning of the target population in these two categories more Suitable for.

Therefore, store profitability Efficiency, cost of inputs and the quality of customer experience point of view, the subtraction-run, more conducive to the stable development. In limited ability to digest stores priority to the development of large demand services, deep enough in the vertical field, not only more rapid training of personnel, but also to ensure quality of service. Cut no ability to do the project, at least not allow customers to get a bad experience, so as to form a bad reputation.

sometimes excessive and positioning services are too broad, Is not conducive to the store, as always, adhere to the high profitability of the mode of operation, after all, “faster, better and cheaper” in the minds of different types of customers, We have a different standard.

Therefore stores the final analysIs Is the efficiency of self-cultivation Is practicing, only has a highly efficient energy services

force in order to run faster, so that consumers can feel in the store after the monotony of the Car market the meaning of exIstence, or the status of 4S shop Is still difficult to shake.